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QotW: What effects have the Covid, and the Supply chain failures had on your production and delivery of your pottery?

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Hi folks, I recently noticed a strand in one of the other areas, and thought it to be a good fit for here as it seems to be mentioned in several strands. 

As I have said before, I did some long awaited shopping in the Standard Ceramics store in Pittsburgh. My wife and I took the two hour drive down to pick up some kiln shelves for the new kiln, and to get glaze chemicals. I also picked up some tools as I am a tool junkie!  I was able to fill my list easily with the chemicals, and pick up tools. The one item on the list that surprised me was the large 1/2 shelves for the kiln; they had none. Back orders were listed, and there were no ETA for stock supply.

QotW: What effects have the Covid, and the Supply chain failures had on your production and delivery of your pottery? Have you had to make any substitutions in materials, or failed to be able to get essential tools, equipment or materials?




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I ordered clay way ahead of time (4 tons half  of that was special softness) and trucking took extra long. I knew it was like that so no surprises .Since I'm a materials hoarder no problems with materials-none needed

spoke to soon-was leaving town soon for show  and was low on small paper bags(I have enough just not many extra) and the whole sale grocery supply house has only one size bag instock seems like bags are supply chain issues now as well. 

I plan on stopping in SF on return at a wholesale supply and picking up a few bales of different size bags there. I usually stock a  one to two year supply but have let it get low with lack of shows past two years. Get your bags early before xmas season

I forgot to add tires to that list. My 1ton van(art show vehicle)  needed new tires (80 PSI load range E) Michelin is the brand coast about 350$ each. I had to order two at a time thru costco to get them on van. Seems they are hard to get now as well. Same deal with my big truck tires last month-high inflation load range E tires are in high demand and low supply.

The list keeps expanding

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Yes--bags!! Locally I couldn't get my usual small blue bags for the street art event I was in, a few weeks ago (sized for tea light holders, pendants etc.).  I still can't get some colors I prefer to use from my regular online sources. Looking for anything Halloween related is already too late-the shelves are empty and people are already snatching up supplies coming in for Christmas, right off the stocking carts.  Saw that today when I was looking for autumn colors for tissue or little boxes/bags for my smalls---not happening! I don't need huge quantities, so sometimes not needing wholesale/bulk works out OK, like for plain white tissue, from the local Dollar Store.  I've got enough clay & glaze but I am hearing from others (here in NH) who also deal in smaller quantities that they can't get certain popular commercial glazes...lots of backorders.

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