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Best place to buy underglaze

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Hi Ash!

Speedball was available where I got my start*; I liked it ok, so have stuck with it. When shopping, Dick Blick was having a sale and shipping deal, so went with them ...looks like they're not having a sale just now, however, that six (or twelve) pack deal isn't bad - and it includes Royal Blue.

...was just looking, the Royal Blue is over $20 (USA) now, ouch! That's one of my favs, particularly under the tin/chrome red I'm using.

Any road, I'd suggest looking for suppliers within your driving/travelling radius, in the case you're able to beat shipping expense by in person pickup (particularly for clay and bags of glaze ingredients...), then check Am a zon, then peruse your browser's shopping listing when fed appropriate search string, and watch for sales.

Looks like you had a warmer day than we'll have today, and rain as well, good-oh!

*At the local Junior College ceramic lab. There was a set of Duncan, aka "not for you."
Speedball is less expensive, and works great for my purposes.


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