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  1. Can you lovely bunch recommend a great place for buying underglaze? I’ve been using Mayco in small bottles but my supplier is being difficult with communication so looking for else where please
  2. Ah thankyou I mustn’t have seen that at all! I know my glaze default setting only goes to 998 maybe that’s part of the issue
  3. Thankyou for this! Seems less scary! I have contacted the mug supplier to see firing info as I’ve just noticed it’s not on the website, I haven’t used my cones yet but thinking now I may have to really appreciate this response
  4. Yes I’ve bought the bisque mugs from bisque direct, then I’ve painted with Marco underglaze, then I’ve dipped them in a clear glaze ( that I mix from a powder , the powder is premade from my local pottery supplier) then fired them
  5. Firing I think I’m gonna have to contact the supplier as I can’t actually find info on what cone they fire to!
  6. Thankyou for the advice! Struggling to understand how to change the glaze. It’s all very confusing! But yes until I’ve got it sorted I won’t be selling any more, thankfully was just a kind friend
  7. Hi I have recently had a mug returned after the pour boiling water into the mug and the glaze cracked around the outside , it is cosmetic but not nice to see, can anyone suggest the cause? And how to fix? Thankyo
  8. Can stonecast powder be fired in a kiln? It’s like a concrete ? thanks
  9. Is there such a thing as neon underglaze, I have a client looking to have neons on their items but I can’t seem to find any? Is there an alternative that won’t burn off?
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