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Wheel head takes almost 2 seconds to stop

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Hi everyone 

Hopefully someone will be able to offer advice. Just purchased a new Rohde HMT500 and have noticed that the wheel head takes almost 2 seconds to stop dead after depressing the pedal. This happens when spinning at max speed and min speed. Is this normal?  Also noticed that when I'm increasing or decreasing speed on the pedal it almost springs back ever so slightly when I remove my foot ...its not the removal of my foot but more as if when the weight of my foot is gone it springs a bit.....there is spring point adjuster under the pedal so wonder if this is the screw to adjust?

Any help or input greatly appreciated!

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Looks like the Rohde HTM500 has a belt driven wheel head, rather like the Skutt in my workshop ...which does run on a bit after shutdown, however, progressively more/less in relation to the speed it was running when shut down, which is likely related to the rotating mass of motor, pulleys, and wheel head - more speed, more momentum to wind down.

My wheel's controller board (Minarik PCMXP) does have adjustment for Acceleration/Deceleration (ACCEL/DECEL), which is set to the minimum from the factory. As you are not seeing less wind down time at  minimum speed, could be the Rohde controller board has a similar setting, not set to minimum. I'm not finding what Rohde uses for a controller board. The "drive"  boards for small DC motors have a somewhat universal set of adjustments; ACCEL/DECEL is may not be one of the most common/core adjustments, but it is common.

Short answer - normal.

As for the footpedal spring back, close inspection is about all I can offer there - not finding any detailed drawings/specs on that either. My pedal relies on friction, hence, I can pull off my foot without changing speed, however, I'm comfortable with leaving me foot on the pedal!

I'm seeing Rohde is fairly responsive; you might have some luck contacting them for info about your control board and foot pedal adjustments...

Please do post back with your findings!

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply and research time- much appreciated. I think I will contact Rohde as you said and ensure it is running as it should. I will give an update once I have spoken to them as it could help others in the future who may come across similar issues. 

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