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Do not try this at home....


Unloaded the kiln for the millionth time and there it was, a little round drop bubble of beautiful green glaze. Umm I will just brush that off me thinks. As my hand is in motion I already know the result but toooooo late. Fingers sliced way open.. so now I have them super glued up and have to wait for three days or so until the worst has healed. Arrggggg.. reminds me of the time I stuck the drill bit in my mouth to see how hot it was.....








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Don't mean to be too cautionary but...........

Doctors and Dentists have been having problems with people using superglue that is not intended for medical use.


I know that people claim to do it all the time but I've been told that it is a very bad idea to use superglue for wounds unless as a last ditch, no help available within many miles.


I hope your wound heals with out complications




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Trina, I admire how readily you owned up to your mistake(s)--and publicly no less! I'm always so embarrassed when I do something like that...since I don't lie, I'll reply mumble mumble when someone asks me how I acquired an injury that was self-inflicted rather than admit to it. I need to work on that since we all make mistakes and I think it's good to be able to laugh at ourselves and our foibles.

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