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  1. One thing that hasn't really been separated out in this discussion is the difference between pyro cone and temperature. It is comparatively simple to reach a temperature in the yellow white range in a propane furnace. That is mostly a function of BTU in and volume. Cone is a function time at temperature or heat work. I know that most readers of this forum make that assumption know this but for the casual or newer member it would be well to be more explicit. When people say that running cone 6 in a Raku kiln would me unreasonably expensive in terms of fuel I take that as reco
  2. The technique of heat recovery from exhaust gases has a long history. In the days of open hearth steel making they created alternating exhaust paths called "Checkers". The checkers were stacks of pyro brick that heated up on the exhaust cycle and preheated the air on the intake cycle. Counter current heat exchange is used and any number of industrial processes to improve heating cycles. It is also used in the feet of migrating water fowl to keep from freezing in ice filled ponds. In my own experience I have used Black Iron pipe ( not galvanized pipe) with propane in a blower syste
  3. In an electric kiln not much except that your oxidation effects would be reduced. If you wanted to stop oxidation with out reduction effects then you could possiblily accomplish that. I have no idea of what your resulting glaze chemistry would be. The notion of adding inert gas to a fuel fired kiln is a non-starter. Fuel kilns use enormous amounts of air in any mode of operation.
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