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Looking for reliable white liner glaze recipes

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You probably should add what clay you use, cone you fire to. Without it is tough to provide a recipe. Glazes that craze simply do not fit the coefficient of expansion of the body. Glaze recipes often don’t travel well so  no matter what, you will need to test to be sure . Even test commercial glazes. If you already have a clear that works for you you can simply experiment with colorants to make it white. Glazy.org has a boatload of glazes you can search by cone and color as well. You might find a glaze or at least a sense of colorant proportions for your white.

while durability is something that needs to be tested, a flux ratio R2O:RO in the approximate range of 0.2:0.8 - 0.3:0.7 is an indicator of likely durability. Outside those values not so much. Ultimately testing is the only sure way to know though.

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The one that has been durable on my cone 6 porcelain body is "Low expansion clear" from Mastering Cone 6 Glazes by Roy and Hesselberth.  Also can be found on glazy (Glazy ID 6659).  

I use 8 zircopax as a white opacifier and it works a treat.  Does not cutlery mark, has a smooth glossy melt, doesn't craze and passes the freezer to boiling test.  Of course you need to test on your own clay bodies, but this is what has worked for me.

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