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Robert Brent Corp Model A 1/3 HP


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I'm taking a look at this wheel tomorrow. The seller wants $225 for it. I can't find any information on it  online! Common issues should I check for? Anyone know how insanely old this wheel is? What should I offer him?





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That's the exact model of my first wheel from 1975.  Cost me $350 or so back then.

That's a long time for an entry level wheel to stay running in good shape.

As you can see in your image the top is made of particle board so you'll have to check the shape that's in.

I agree with Neil though I would start the offering at $100, going no higher than $150

You'll need to run this one and make sure the head turns true. Mine came from the factory a bit off and needed some nudging.

Should work for throwing  10-12 lbs. or less.

Good luck.

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I have two those Model A Brents. They are light (59#) and it can throw 25#.No longer made and parts may be tough. The controller and pedal are still around as is the motor and belts. Its the body of the wheel that can give out-the sheet metal and the particle board top can get ruined easy. Both can be waterproofed . I love this small mini wheel size. I build a small wooden stand to raise up mine to a better level.I paid about 200$ for mine but it was in great condition -your top is not by that photo.

I have one dedicated to trimming only. The particle board top can get ruined with water-the photo shows this one with a rough chewed up edge. If the top goes you can build a new top from 3/4 inch plastic (cutting board type) . The weak links are the 4 carriage bolts thru the top where water can penetrate . The motor is small 1/3 hp and its really tight fit. Check on underside condition as parts are non existent (except motor & belt). This is a sweet wheel if in good condition

looking at that edge you will beed to sand and seal it well before working with water-I also would seal the bolt tops with silicone from the top to keep them from weeping water.

With the top issue 150-175$ is more a fair price.

I also have this wheel Brand New in a box (new old stock) myself as a backup-bought it off eBay as its light and small enough to ship. 

here is chart with the specs on that wheel 


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Welcome to the forum

Sounds like a good buy. Consider making  a small stand-4-6 inches tall-mine is made of wood .To get up to your right height to throw and seal that edge.

Its back in the box- as those photos are from 2017 when I got it. Funny thing is I have 6 Brent wheels right at this time-I usually like to have 4 -three in use and one spare  for stoneware but cercumstances worked out where I have a few extra-I usually hang on to them until I'm talked into letting  one go. A few days ago I was cruzing  craigs list for fun for kilns around me (usually none) and  saw a person was looking for a kiln and wheel as a start up. I have an older but greatt condition skutt 213-18 (38 amps) kilnI bought from my mentor back in the day . Its was little used as I got a 1227 soon after that and its been sitting taking up space-so I answered her ad and offered up the kiln with shelves and posts and told her it's really a low fire kiln (max temp cone ^6) and if she was firing 6 this was not a good match and offered her one of my two maodel B wheels.-She has yet to swing by and look at them yet but I thought about my spare model B from yesteryears in a box.. I like my small trimming wheel a lot and when I have to take it for demos locally it is a super handy for that as well. I used it at the grand opening of a place that sells my work a few years ago -threw outside in street and it was joy with that little wheel.

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I used mine touring for a year or so,  doing demonstrations.  Quite handy for it's mobility and served my well.  I know it says it's rated at 25lb but I think that's optimistic.  I might have thrown 20lb at one go,  but off the hump.

Anyhow I hope yours treats you well Cameo.  Looks like you scored.

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I have 2 of these model As both are well used. I took them with me when I moved to Windhoek, Namibia in 1997. The both still work well. I’ve replaced the top on one with 3/4 in. Plywood. And when the control box fried a friend rebuilt me one from scratch. I use a 220-110 converter here. I used to use it when I traveled around Europe in 1983 preaching at YWAM bible schools and churches. I still have the plywood box I made for it with wheels for air and train travel. Now I use the extra small shimpo for that. 

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