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An alternative way to sell online

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I've just published a blog post about what I've been doing for the past 1.5 weeks, so everyone interested can copy or adapt the idea for themselves.

I have complained often about how much I hate selling online. This approach replaced everything I hate with something I actually like. 


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2 hours ago, dhPotter said:

In Quantitative Decision Making class we worked with a route planning formula for delivery trucks. Might make the route planning a little easier and maybe more economical.

Excellent article!!

I would totally be interested in this! As I was plotting locations on a map by hand, I was thinking there must be a tool that makes this task faster. I once read that UPS drivers' routes are designed to make as few left turns in urban areas as possible. Because left turns take much longer than right turns. So I know this type of tool exists. If the shut down lasts until year's end, I will hold my annual open studio this way. And it will (hopefully) be a much bigger event than the one I did this week. It would help if the driving routes are maximally efficient. 

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A quick update to this thread: I am in the middle of another one of these “home delivery” sales. Heading out to start deliveries this morning, This time I used a route optimizing website (RouteXL.com) to plot my routes. This saved so much time! It only takes about 10 minutes to generate one of these routes. Not only does it find the shortest route, it also tells me what time I will arrive at each location, which then lets me tell the customers what time to expect me. 

I found a few websites that seemed like they would work,, but this one was the most user friendly, and didn’t require me to register an account. I can only plot up to 20 addresses at a time, but that’s ok because my longest route this week is 18 addresses. 

Thank you to @dhPotter for sparking the idea, and to @neilestrick for pointing out that these websites already exist.


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