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Enquiry - Outdoor paving house

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Good morning,

I'm new to the forum and I'm not sure if it's the right site, otherwise my apologies in advance.

I intend to reform is outside. I would like to pave and partially around the pool and create a path through the Garden.

I am looking at several options, currently I have doubts between extruded ceramic tiles and porcelain.

Does anyone know or have previous experience with these types of materials?

I provide additional information on concrete materials:



Thank you in advance

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Hi Dille!

Flooring tile may be rated for durability - resistance to wear; for high traffic areas, typical long wearing tile are porcelain; that said, your pool surround and garden path aren't likely "high traffic"...


Are you considering concrete at all? Textured and coloured concrete is typical for pool surrounds here in central California.

As for suitable forum, most of the discussion here has to do with making and finishing ceramic work.

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We just recently redid the walkway to our front door. Used to be exposed aggregate concrete and we were going to put in pavers then found outdoor porcelain tiles that look like stone. The ones we got are 2cm thick, (also available in 3 cm thick)  if they are installed on a solid base they can be used as a driveway, they can also be installed on a gravel and sand base without mortar. They come in both a rough finish and smooth. The ones we chose are 2' square, non slip rough finish, they don't stain, change colour, grow algae, get damaged with winter salt and they are supposed to be stronger than flagstone of an equal thickness. They are more expensive than other options though, we paid 25- per 2'x2' tile.

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