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Granite Added to Clay and Found Material Ideas and Suggestions


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I’ve recently been doing a lot of experiments with clay deposits I’ve found as well as other found materials used in clay or glazed.


I’ve been doing a lot of testing with wedging a lot of coarse granite into my clay. It makes it rough to throw with but my hands are tough enough it doesn’t bother me. 


I’ve usually been applying a found quartz and wood ash glaze that I’ve formulated to these pieces at cone 6 (lots of GB). The glaze gives a nice amber finish and seems to be helping the granite flux as it runs a bit giving nice variation, colour, and texture.

My current test are going to include wedging the granite into a clay I found that can be fired up to cone 6 and I’m excited for these results.


Does anyone have any tips regarding granite being added to clay, good glaze combos with found rough granite filled textures, other good experiments with found materials, etc??




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Some time ago I ran a melt test on my local decomposed granite.  Sieved to about 60 grit, it melts evenly at cone 10 to a matt black.  Obviously has a lot of iron in it.  Good idea I think to run individual component melt tests. I haven't really tried anything further with it, but now that I'm turned on to the Magma product, maybe I will. 

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