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Starting Over: Basic Studio Cone 10 Glaze Suggestions

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There's about 25 different glazes stored in 2 and 5 gallon buckets in a community center studio.   They have accumulated because the advance students wanted to try them out.  Some more popular than others.  Some have dried out.  Want to scale back and start fresh.  Looking for suggestions or recommendations for 6 to 8 basic cone 10 glazes to start off for beginning students that are stable and take oxide/stain brush decoration well.

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For cone 10 reduction:

1. Ash glaze in a couple of colors, like green and blue. They'll add nice movement to surfaces. Don't make them too runny or you'll be cleaning them off your shelves all the time. Could be a fake ash if you don't want to deal with real ash.

2. Copper red

3. Tenmoku

4. Shino

5. Glossy white

6. Celadon for folks using porcelain

7. Something kinda runny with rutile/titanium

8. Clear

9. Iron red

It's really easy for a cone 10 reduction glaze palette to be overly earthy, so try to get some color in there.

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scottiebie, are you saying that you do NOT want reduction glazes?????   it has taken me a minute to figure this out, what do you want?   i think you are looking for recipes as well as suggestions for what colors, types of glaze.

are you going to reconstitute your dried up glazes?   there might be some good ones there.  

if you store them in buckets, it helps to have the recipe, and cone number written in sharpie on the bucket so you do not lose the basic info.    to re-use the bucket, spray hairspray on the sharpie ink and rub it off with a cotton ball.

have fun with all this.


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