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Ripped off an artist, what to do with the piece?

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13 hours ago, shawnhar said:

don't think you will have a problem telling which is which

OH...BUT then there is this!  My daughter, my sister, and I went for a fun time at one of those glaze-your-own slip cast places a few summers ago and made these. HMMM...looks like your guy gets around, doesn't it? Nothing new under the sun, I say! 



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On 2/7/2019 at 5:46 AM, shawnhar said:

I'm going to the studio tonight and will take a pic, hopefully his piece is still there, might be in the kiln by now. Chattering to me is a just technique, like trimming a foot and has no inherent ownership. What I did is something entirely different.

Justin tried a different take on chattering... with a weed trimmer!


If he put a rheostat on the trimmer ......

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