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Troubleshooting gold luster issue

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Hi there,

I apply Duncan gold premium luster in some of my work and it's not a local application but more a whole inside glaze thing (see photos)

But I often get these strange matting or even crusting of the luster. 

Other than burning away this very expensive material and a do over, is there something i can do? I'm afraid to refire.




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Its been ions for me as to luster work but the key elements are still all the same-super clean wiped down surfaced with zero finger oils(wear gloves cleaning and afterwards)-nice even application . A perfect cone fire with spotter cones as well as the sitter or controller .

It that crusty luster thicker ???Or thinner as is mention in below post-it can look starnge either way to thick or to thin?

If its to thin then another coat in that area and fire May help it but if not then it all has to be burned off-so its a gamble either way.

Luster is all about even application .

As far a fixing it yes burning it all off at higher temps is about it unless you want to play winter freebie with it on a parking lot.

since its bowl form was the shelve tight over it or did it have room to breath/flux/even out temps?

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I will leave my solution to this issue lest there be another potter out there pulling hairs.

The biggest thing about gold luster is that it needs a lot of oxygen.
That means propping the lid up good half way until 500 F is reached (you can close it completely at that point)
In addition, all peeps should be taken out the entirety of the firing.

These two details were what fixed the issue. Happy potting!

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