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Advice needed on how to transfer text onto antique crockery ?

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Hello all,

I have no experience with ceramics but would love some friendly  advice if it's out there.

I've just bought an antique tea set and I want to be able to transfer some black text onto it (inside the tea cup at the bottom and also on the saucer). Does anybody have any knowledge or advice on how to do this?

Many thanks,




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I would not try to fire a decal on older pottery anyway. Even the slightest trace of moisture trapped in microscopic cracks can cause glazes to fail/pop off/crack. Just regular decals, unfired, would work, for show and through washing, but I wouldn't trust it with hot liquids I was going to drink. If you want to drink from it only once, India ink, written with a crow quill, will stay on through gentle washing. More lasting would be to coat the printing with clear acrylic or nail polish. 

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