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Tam U.

1 ramp vs. 2 ramps in a segment

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I may have an opportunity to upgrade my old Bentrup TC66 controller and I'm now choosing between a Stafford ST315B, with 1 ramp + 1 soak per segment,

or the ST316B with 2 ramps + 1 soak per segment.

What are the benefits of having 2 ramps in a segment, assuming I will not be soaking the intermediate temperature before proceeding to the next segment? I mean, I can always input the second ramp as a separate segment, right? Or am I missing something?


So if I choose the ST315B, my simple schedule will look like this:

Segment 1: Ramp of 100C/h to 600C (end of segment 1) --don't need to soak

Segment 2: Ramp of 150C/h to 1200C, then hold for xx min/hours --end--


If I choose ST316B, it would be like this:

Segment 1: Ramp1 of 100C/h to 600C, Ramp2 of 150C/h to 1200C, then soak (since every end of segment has soak function) --end--


Naturally, the higher model will have more functionality but apart from having 1 segment vs 2 when programming the controller, what are the benefits I'm not realising?


Thank you.




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How many segments can you program?

Many potters would have a more gentle 1st segment. 

Then 100C/hr to 600

Then 150 C poss to close to final temp 

Then a slow down to final temp. And a soak.

That would be a glaze firing schedule which would be altered according to contents of kiln....


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Hi Babs.

Both controllers are capable of doing 1-9 segments, their only difference really is the higher end being capable of 2 ramps per segment.

This is where I can't seem to find value in inputting ramp 2 when there's always the option of inputting it as another segment as long as I get to the target temp anyway.

I suppose it would look like an "organised" program, grouping your ramps and all? :mellow:


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To mimic the effect of two ramps per segment just set the hold for segment 1 as 0:00. Like others have said, there's no real benefit of having two ramps in a segment if you have 9 segments available. 

Seg1: 100C/h to 600C; no hold
Seg 2: 150C/h to 1200C; then hold for xx min/hours

is the same as 

Seg1: R1 100C/h to 600C; R2 150C/h to 1200C; then hold for xx min/hours

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