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Vintage American beauty / Cress electric kilns

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So, ive created this account specifically for help! ive been given two very old electric kilns, seems to be from the 70s perhaps? anyways, one is an American Beauty electric kiln model number: AB18 this thing has four switches and a kiln sitter. seems to be in relatively good condition from what my ceramic instructor had said. Problem is ive never fired a kiln and there is almost zero information on the kilns manual or even the company that produced the kiln. I find that almost unbelievable seeing as I live 5 miles from the city the kiln company was located. If anyone has any further information of this specific model of kiln that would help immensely !! 

Next, I have a Cress electric kiln model number : B-23-HB ive found an online manual for the company kilns but they're all for up-to-date kilns..  This model has a upper and lower nobs for high and low firing. anyone have any ideas because im totally fresh to anything in regards to firing kilns. is it worth keeping or should I try to get a more updated kiln?  Help!

thank you in advance!

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If your kilns are in good shape, I would keep them. You will learn a lot from firing switch-operated kilns. I suggest phoning Cress. The people there are very helpful.

Cress Mfg. Co.

 775-884-2777 or 800-423-4584



Arnold Howard

Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA / ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com


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OK, Kelsayy, I used to own the same Cress as you and have a copy of the old manual and fired it manually a couple of times and found it difficult, at best, to do an accurate firing for my taste, so I invested in a digital kiln controller. Problems solved! You could put the same type of plug on each kiln and use the controller for both (at different times, obviously). You would just have to develop firing schedules for each of the kilns for accuracy, but the controller would eliminate the problems you may have in firing each kiln. The main thing you would have to remember is to turn the control knobs to maximum, put an appropriate cone (^10) in the kiln sitter (I actually use a high tensile concrete screw in the sitter), press the button in the sitter and set the timer at maximum EACH time you use the kiln and all will be well...


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