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Akira Satake Kohiki Slip Work (From Going Price Of A Mug)

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On 3/27/2020 at 6:58 PM, tinbucket said:

@JDP I would argue that Goldart is not that important. It is just a plastic, buff stoneware clay. It is similar to a high iron ball clay with slightly less plasticity and larger particle size than ball clay. So you could sub ball clay or half ball clay/half kaolin. What clays do you have available to you?


Thank you very much. I will look into available ball clays 

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Hi guys, not sure if the post is still active but I’m looking into learning how to make kohiki style plates and mugs but I am a bit confused. I read the slap should be flatten out with the slip on but if I’m throwing on the wheel could I apply the slip afterwards? Also   @bciskepottery    may I ask you, if possible at all, the recipe for the clear glaze you use? Also we don’t have goldart here in the U.K., what could I use? 

thank you so much in advance for your help 




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