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  1. Thanks for the help and support anyaway @High Bridge Pottery. REally appreciated and I'm sure I'll find something if I keep on looking
  2. Thanks for the advice @Chilly I will look at that. I'm happy to start manually but haven't seen anything going for a real bargain. I know there is one trader on eBay who sells a lot of reconditioned kilns. He has to get them from somewhere so I do wonder if he pushes up the prices. Will keep trying anyway.
  3. Thank you very much @liambesaw . Unfortunately I was outbid on that kiln, but I'll keep on looking. I was thinking of making my walls 41/2 inches in the hope of compensating a little for my 16amp supply. However I am no electrician, so not sure if it works likelthat.
  4. Thank you so much for the steer High Bridge. Felixstowe would have been an 8 hour round trip for me too but it looked like it would be worth it. However, I'm afraid I was outbid, it went for just over the reserve at £251. That was a bargain for anyone who could use it as was, but I would also have had to modify it, or, more probably, install a higher rated supply to my studio. I think we are likely to end up doing that . Thank you again
  5. That is very kind of you Liambesaw. I may well take you up on the offer, will just see if I can get hold of that kiln suggested by High Bridge
  6. Found the link - THANK YOU - Buy now is £250, so I will keep an eye on the auction today. You are a start High Bridge, thank you very much
  7. Is it the one in Plymouth with a starting bid of £100? The Buy now price is £250. Can't see where it says it needs a cooker/30amp point. I have a 16amp/3.5kW supply in my workspace so I guess I could modify the electrics and certainly use the bricks.
  8. This is all really kind of yuo, I can't see an ebay link anywhere? Most of the eBay kilns get massively ramped up in price with the auction. I'll see what I can find by searching eBay again. Thank you
  9. That was a good deal. Haven't seen anything remotely close to that. I'm in the South now but happy to travel to collect. Can always visit rellies if it's north of Newcastle.
  10. Thanks Liambesaw. I have been looking in various places for months but it is very different here. There aren't the amazing deals you can get in the USA sadly. It must be a supply and demand issue. We are a much smaller population.
  11. I have been looking for a second hand kiln which just needs new elements etc for months and they are like hen's teeth but will keep looking. I wish it were possible to get the kind of deal Liambesaw managed with his )$75 kiln - very jealous
  12. Thanks Neil but you might be a bit shocked at the prices of second hand kilns on eBay here in the UK. Small 13amp top loading hobby kilns go for upwards of 660GBP, around USD860, and that is WITHOUT a controller. I can get the parts I need for around GBP400 plus a controller and have an in-house electrical engineer to help. It is not going to be a big kiln as I only have 3.5kw to play with but it will get me started again after a long time away. I have some basic instructions from one of my old books from the 1970s and insulation materials technology has come a long way since then. I may look at trying to import a controller from the US if the voltage is not incompatible as they are less than half the price of UK models.Anyway I do love a project. Even if it only works for bisque it will be a start and I'll learn something. Thanks for the advice though you may turn out to be very right and I'll have to use the materials for a gas kiln.
  13. This is soo helpful, thank you very much. I think the costs here in the UK are higher as the cheapest controllers are over £300 GBP, but I absolutely take the point about the kiln sitter. I am going to do a load of research on elements and sizes etc to see what we can make. So I will be looking on the forum for any posts about electric kiln building. Thank you again for your help
  14. No, I want to fire stoneware. I think I may buy all the bits and build my own, that way we can make it fit the supply I have in the studio. It would be more fun anyway. Thanks everyone for your input
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