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  1. So, I am a new high school art teacher who is in charge of the school's ceramics classes. When I was going through my classroom supplies, I learned that we have cone 6 clay, but all of our glaze is cone 06-04... SOS. What is the best way to use the supplies I have, when ordering new supplies at this time is not an option? I figured I could only fire the clay to cone 04, but then the work won't be as strong. Could I fire the clay to cone 6 as a "bisque" then follow it with a cone 04 glaze fire? Thank you in advance for any help offered!!!


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    2. Min


      Something seems wrong here, in the US earthenware is under around cone 1 or 2 at the most. Is the clay labelled? Any chance it’s cone 06? Doesn’t really make sense that there would be low fire glazes and midfire clay left by the former teacher.

    3. Pres


      I agree with @Min as it doesn't make sense, and earthenware is usually below 2000F.

    4. Benzine


      As others have suggested, definitely make sure your clay is indeed Cone *6* not *06*.

      It would be odd to have a mid fire Cone 6 clay body and then low fire glazes.

      If those low fire glazes are fired up to Cone 6 they are going to run everywhere.

      If the clay is indeed Cone 6, then perhaps the previous teacher  purposely underfired it, and used the low fire glazes.  I would almost guarantee this was the case based on the low fire glazes.


      What kind of kiln controller do you have?  Is it a digital controller or a kiln sitter?  I ask, because if it is a kiln sitter you'd likely be able to see what cones the previous teacher was firing to.

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