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    Ceramics: Sculpture and mosaic .
    Oil painting: Visionary Landscapes, Sci-fi, Botanicals.
    New Age music.
    The Pacific Northwest.
    Addictions: Science fiction, gaming (formerly), solo travel, the pacific northwest

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  1. Sprained my ankle and scraped myself up rolling down a 20 foot hill, while trying to pick peaches. I got extremely lucky. 

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    2. Gabby


      I wish you a very good recovery from the sprain. I hope the cat and the view from your studio offer some quality time while you stay off that foot. [I broke a foot a few years ago and was very lucky my dog was a bulldog who wasn't much for long and speedy walks anyway].

    3. Pres


      Ouch! Be careful of the strain. 




    4. yappystudent


      TYVM for the well wishes. It was very exciting at the time but I'm almost back on my feet. Overextended with a fruit picker on  a steep overgrown slope, feet went out from underneath me, and to my surprise once I got rolling gravity was in control. Badly sprained right foot, much of my left leg scraped and bruised black. Managed not to hit a short metal stake that used to hold up washed-out retaining wall but lots of partly-trimmed brush trunks poking out. Did not hit head, neck, or my back on the concrete at the bottom.  Advice: don't overextend, or pick fruit wearing shorts. 

      @Igusten: I do have quite a few in the freezer already, the skunks are enjoying the nearly full 5 gallon bucket sitting up under the tree at present. I'll make a stab collecting it tomorrow. 

      @Denice: The idea of your toe makes me cringe. Ow.  

      @Gabby thank the powers that be for lazy animal companions. whenever I'm sick or hurt the big cat abandons me completely, the little one sticks to me like glue to the point of annoyance. 

      @Pres ty and I'll be careful. 

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