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  1. I am just a hobbyist potter but I have been wondering lately if there was a way I could make some stuff that is impossible to be slip casted and this must be hand made. All of my mugs and bowls could have been and I am looking for some more unique ideas. Suggestions?
  2. I have worked with metal, forging, blacksmithing as a hobby for years. I am perfectly happy with the setup and have fired over 30 times with it with no issue. The garage door doesnt get hot. And I couldn't fire outside because of sudden rains that Texas is subject to. I am quite surprised at the negative reaction. It smacks of elitism. not all of us can afford a studio and I make do with what I have.
  3. My driveway is not level and I wasn't into making a multi thousand dollar modification to my house to put a hood inin. I fire once every 2 or 3 months, not every day. I am a hobbyist with a very heavy responsibility job as a software engineer, not a professional ceramics maker. If i was a pro or I could afford my own shed studio, I would do all of what you talk about.
  4. Those are insulating fire bricks, they weigh almost nothing. The whole set of them is maybe 5 to 10 punds max. They are just used to redirect the heat from the garage door.
  5. *shrug* I make do. I dont understand your comment on lid. It works fine, the garage door above doesnt even get warm. Not all of us have a studio with lots of equiment.
  6. Been trying to get into basket weaving and posted a question in the studio operations forum but maybe here is better. I want to find a clay that can take the bending of basket making. I have seen people use Gum Arabic but I don't know the mix amounts or process. Is there any clay body someone can recommend or how to mix a gum in to help ?
  7. Not to worry, I use a stack of insulating bricks on top and a powerful fan.
  8. Did you consider pouring plaster based drying boards? I did and I am happier for it. Number 1 pottery plaster is essential. Its easy to make molds for round or rectangular planks.
  9. One thing I noticed about electric kilns is unless you get a powerful one with 50 amp or better circuit (which usually requires professional electrical work) they are weak for any decent glaze firing. I went to a Skutt Propane kiln for that and the ability to get reducing atmosphere. All I have to do is have it in my garage with the door open and a powerful fan blowing over it and I get great results.
  10. I am just a hobbyist but id advise being careful. Powdered clay and silica floating in the air is super bad for you. I use a shop vac with a HEPA filter, a good mask and damp shop towels to clean up anything powdery.
  11. Interesting post. Quite honestly my experience was that I needed to spend lots of time learning centering .... get REALLY good at centering or you re screwed. Then Cylinders, then bowls ... lots of cylinders and bowls. Then I could try more interesting stuff. Took a good year for me to get comfy but then I am jsut a hobbyist, not a full-timer.
  12. If your wares are constructed properly any orientation will be fine short of sitting on their handles. However, if you have delicate parts beware that at firing temps they can slump if they have any pressure on me. I stack bisque firings like crazed jenga player. Glaze firings are another matter because of possibility of pottery freezing to the shelf or other pieces and the need for nice finishes.
  13. I was watching a video the other day where the artist had a small tabletop extruder that used a heavy screw press rather than a lever mechanism that you have to mount into bedrock. Does anyone know of any products on the market that are like that? My research has failed to turn up anything. The video showing it is here:
  14. I have been looking t some videos on basket making and then how to do that in clay and I am intrigued. My initial efforts had problems that the clay wasn't elastic enough, it just broke under the bending. What clay would you recommend? I have also heard some added Gum Arabic to the clay but I have no information on the proportions. Can anyone provide any suggestions, recopies, insights ? The video I was watching is here:
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