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    TLDinNC reacted to dhPotter for a gallery image, wine party   
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    TLDinNC reacted to GiselleNo5 for a gallery image, Red Clay Mug base decorated with white slip.   
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    TLDinNC reacted to Pugaboo for a gallery image, 3rd Attempt at Place Setting Image   
    My 3rd attempt at a lifestyle image for my etsy shop and online selling. I added a burlap place mat instead of a tablecloth. The napkin blends well with the tones of the placemat as well as everything else in the image so kept the same color of that. I used orange sections instead of slices. Changed the silverware to more generic looking pieces. Added another light and reflector to fill in the side of the mug so the colors match the bowl and plate better. Cropped more of the table out of the back ground.
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    TLDinNC reacted to BHClaysmith for a gallery image, You Bug Me! Tray   
    A press molded tray made using my Intaglio impressing mat called You Bug Me! and a press mold designed to embrace the pattern created by this stamp. Finished in Y Green a studio glaze at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.
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    TLDinNC reacted to GiselleNo5 for a gallery image, Eucalyptus Grove Platter   
    This is my very first platter or plate of any kind, although I have made a few pie plates.
    I actually intended this to be a pie plate but accidentally "stepped on the gas" just as I was finishing so the walls spun out almost flat. I decided it was a platter instead. I'm very happy with how this turned out.
    White stoneware, thrown on the pottery wheel, carved in a design of eucalyptus leaves in the wind. Glazed in Mayco's Stoned Denim at ^6 in an electric kiln. (Actually fired twice because the first time a cookie exploded and got shards everywhere.)
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    TLDinNC got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn for a gallery image, Latest pieces   
    Finished carving experiment (middle.) Orange street on top 2/3 with matte blue brown on lower 1/3. Pitcher and pot were my 1st use of the Ceramic Store's celadon glazes. Would have had a much better result if I had not brushed it on on the outside.
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    TLDinNC reacted to GEP for a gallery image, Five Nesting Bowls   
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    TLDinNC got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn for a gallery image, It's here!   
    I now have my very own wheel!
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    TLDinNC got a reaction from oldlady for a gallery image, Class #1 Oct-Dec2015   
    My first pieces.
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