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  1. Hulk and Bill, it is a 60 amp breaker- already installed with the extra weight copper wire (I forget that terminology). I’m confident the electrician installed it correctly as we have lots of potters here in NC and it was far from his first rodeo. My concern was keeping the kiln plugged in when not in use- for example, the strong t-storms that are going to blow through here today. I don’t want the circuitry to get fried if we have a power surge. PotterPutter, that’s exactly how I am/will be using the rolling feature- just to back it up 3 feet to the wall when not in use. The “kiln expe
  2. Hello all- I recently purchased a Skutt KM1027 that is NOT hardwired. As a hobby potter still fairly new to pottery, I will be firing infrequently. My question is this- is it OK for me to only have the kiln plugged in when I’m firing? I am asking because the “kiln expert” from the retailer where I purchased the kiln told me that I would shorten the life of the kiln’s plug and cord by plugging and unplugging it and he strongly recommended against doing so. He also wasn’t thrilled that I purchased the stand with casters so that when not in use, I could roll the kiln back toward the wall. Can a
  3. TLDinNC

    May 2016

    Latest beginner pieces :)
  4. Giselle, are you dipping or brushing?
  5. Giselle, just beautiful. Is the brown that's visible near the carving a result of how this glaze breaks or did you slip over your white stoneware?
  6. TLDinNC

    It's here!

    OL- its and indoor/outdoor rug I got specifically because I know it will get clay on it. I should be able to take it outside to hose down when necessary
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    My first pieces
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