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    melbrandle reacted to High Bridge Pottery in Submit Your Community Challenge Ideas   
    Post your ideas for challenges here.
    Like peoples ideas for them to have a bigger chance of being selected for use. The more popular an idea the more likely it is to be chosen.
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    melbrandle reacted to Pres in In the Studio Project Image tutorials   
    Oldlady, suggested and Project image tutorial for the QotW. I convinced her that sort of thing really belonged in the "Studio Operations and Making Work" section. She agreed. I am setting this up for anyone that would like to show others a brief tutorial of how to do some technique or project. If you have already done this here, repost it in this area, couldn't hurt. I believe everyone may be looking for something to occupy their time, and this may help.
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    melbrandle reacted to Jennifer Harnetty in Forum Terms of Use   
    I thought I would post these here just for reference...
    Forum Terms of Use/User Agreement
    CeramicArtsNetwork.org and its related forums are owned by The American Ceramic Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1898 and headquartered in Westerville, Ohio. The Society reserves the right to change the Terms of Use/User Agreement at any time. The changes will appear in this section. By using these forums you agree in advance to accept all changes.
    Please note: New members may require moderator approval to post for the first 24 hours due to our Spam Defense system. Our moderator team does its best to approve new posts in a timely fashion.
    The spirit and intention of this forum is to facilitate the free exchange of information. The minimum age to post content on this forum is 16 years of age.
    All information is presented as is, and your reliance on any information presented on this site or its forums is at your own risk. Although the American Ceramic Society may monitor discussions, postings and other user generated content from time to time, we are under no obligation to review material on the web site, and you agree to hold us harmless from any actions based on content that you post or read on these sites.
    The content of this site and its forums is for private, non-commercial use only. No advertising of products or services is permitted, and any content deemed inappropriate will be edited and/or removed by the site administrators and moderators at their sole discretion. Advertisements may be placed in the Ceramic Arts Network Classifieds. Links to personal websites or social media accounts may be put in a member's signature or on their profile page, but not within the body of a post. Employers may post job openings or professional development opportunities in the "Employment and Professional Development Opportunities" section. Posts by individuals seeking employment are not permitted on the forum.
    Messages express the views of the author of the message, not the views of these forums or The Ceramic Arts Network or The American Ceramic Society. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to report that post using the "report" button included on each post. Reported content will be reviewed by moderators and/or admin. Replies to members may be made by moderators/admin if required. Anonymous reports will be reviewed but not replied to. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.
    You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use these forums to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, religious, racially charged, political, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. Violations of the Terms of Use will be dealt with up to and including a permanent ban of the member in violation.
    The moderators are an integral part of the forum as they guard from spam, manage posts, and moderate the tone of posts on the forum. In doing so they may have to issue warnings to the general forum about constructive tone, or to individuals via personal message(s) to temper the tone of their post(s). Continued warnings to an individual to temper their tone or content for non constructive or abusive posts may lead to temporary or permanent banning from the forum. 
    You agree not to post any copyrighted material to these forums unless the copyright is owned by you or by these forums. If you post images of artwork that is not your own, you agree to credit the artist who created the artwork.
    These Terms of Use and User Agreement, and any disputes arising out of or related to these forums and related sites, shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.
    See the Community Marketplace Terms of Use here.
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    melbrandle reacted to Jennifer Harnetty in New User - No confirmation email   
    If you have tried to sign up for the forum, but have not received your confirmation email, please email editorial@ceramicsmonthly.org for assistance. 
    Thank you,
    Admin and Mods
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    melbrandle reacted to Mark C. in Brent Wheels and equipment fix it-videos   
    There has been lots of questions on belts and foot pedal adjustment on Brent/Amaco equipment lately. I have answered most of them.
    This page I posted below answers most of them.
    I'm hoping this will help those in the future with questions-a moderator could pin it in at the top.
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    melbrandle reacted to Steven Branfman in User Beware + Technical FAQ's   
    Friends In Clay,,,,,,Periodically it's a good idea for us to remind all forum users, whether you are an active participant, an occasional contributor, or a lurker, to always take advice, especially technical advice, with care. I have not doubt that everyone who gives technical advice is doing so with the best intentions, but you must do your own due diligence by doing additional research into your question. Then, test, test, test,,,,,
    best to all,
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    melbrandle reacted to Min in User Beware + Technical FAQ's   
    When looking for answers it’s very helpful for all of those who try and help or contribute to a post to have a rough idea of the original poster's experience or knowledge base in regards to their question. 
    If a member has been posting here for a while we can get an idea of their experience and try and tailor our replies to reflect what we surmise to be their knowledge / experience level. This is really hard to do with new members or those who post infrequently! 
    We all try to be as helpful as possible but the answers can, at times, be more confusing than the questions. Mentioning your experience should get you more relevant answers than us overloading information but we can’t do this without an idea of knowledge / experience.
    Including as many details as possible, photos if relevant, and knowledge / experience relevant to the question being asked will hopefully aid everyone is both giving and receiving their questions and comments.
    Thank you
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    melbrandle reacted to Kaitlynne Flanigan in Quick Guide to Using the Forum   
    When using the Community Forum as a guest you can browse the Forums, Gallery, and do a search for content, but you are limited in your actions. You are unable to post, reply to a post, or message another forum member directly.

    The screenshot above shows the top of the default homepage, you can see when viewing as a guest. This page lists the 10 categories available to view in the Community Forum.
    The yellow arrow points to the “Search” area. To search a topic, you can search the entire forum or search within a specific category after clicking on one of the 10 categories. Your search can be refined on the search page that will pop up after entering your search terms.

    The Search function excludes archived threads. Archived threads are closed to addition and edits. Threads transition to "archive" when they have not been added to (or edited) for two years. To search archived threads, use an external search engine; enter your search terms and CeramicArtsDaily.
    The blue arrow points to the “Sign Up” tab, while the red arrow points to where to “Sign In” after becoming a member if you sign out.
    The purple arrow points to the “Gallery” tab. After clicking on the Gallery tab, you will see a page with the most recent new image (s) posted to the Gallery in the upper left corner of the page. Just above these images will be a tab labeled "Browse Members Galleries.” Click on this and you will be taken to the Browse Members Galleries page with directions on how to do so.
    The pink arrow will take you back to the home page with the list of the various Forums.

    The screenshot above is what the top of the homepage looks like when you are signed in.
    The orange arrow points to the "Start new topic" tab. You are able to write a new topic post, choosing the forum you would like to post to. It is required in a post that you have a title, and your actual text. You can add photos, tags, and also choose if you would like to be notified of replies. You can write a post as a guest, but it will not be published unless you are signed in. To the left of this are 3 options for Forum layout.
    The lime green arrow points to the "Recent Status Updates" section. Similar to a Facebook news feed, this is just a casual section where members can post comments about what they have going on at the moment. It's not recommended to post questions or responses here. 
    The royal blue arrow points to the "Private Message" envelope. By clicking the envelope on this page, a pop-up window will open up and you can send a private/direct message to another Community Forum member. You can also message another member by clicking on their name next to one of their posts. The member will get an email letting them know they have a message. This is very useful if you wish to contact another member who hasn't been active on the Forum for some time. Members have the option of opting out of receiving messages.
    Next to the private message icon, the bell icon will show your recent notifications. 
    The brown arrow points to the "Activity" tab. This is another way to look through posts, it lists the most recent activity first. This function is available to view as a guest, but the ability to reply to a post via the text bubble beside each post is not available unless you’re signed in.
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    melbrandle reacted to Jennifer Harnetty in Glossary of Ceramic Terms   
    It was suggested that we post a link to the Glossary on Ceramic Arts Network, so here you go: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/glossary/
    CAN admin and Mods
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