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    Louisville,Ky in the Ohio river valley
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    Raku, is our main interest but high fire isn't out of our spectrum.. We also enjoy oil painting and being creative when ever possible.. We love a good fire while setting outside on the porch under the massive Maple tree that shades our back yard,house and shed..

    We are newbies at clay although we have dabbled in it off and on in the past.. We keep coming back to it, something just draws us in deeper and deeper.. < Maybe a Earthly connection that is growing stronger and making our bond to each other stronger as well..

    ~Jim and Cindy

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    1. Crusty


      on Sale til sunday 1/10 HVLP spray guns


    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      those spray guns are great. Just like Geil's. The HVLP unit I got previously was a gun made for the compressor. Basically for paint.


    3. Rae Reich

      Rae Reich

      Just noticed the Spray Gun Liners on the bottom of that page. Anyone ever try those with glazes?

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