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    uh, oh yeah....pottery. Gardening, guitar pickin' and wood working are among my interests. Hershey was my chocolate lab; he vanished in Feb 16. He's still in the photo and in my heart.

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  1. Made a crude throwing stick out of some black walnut, today. Needs a little more sanding, but works pretty well.  Think I'll make a few more with different shapes.

    1. LeeU


      I had a chocolate lab too--so special. The stick sounds wonderful--a photo would be nice--too bad it's such a pain to resize them (well, to me, anyway).. 

    2. hershey8


      Lee, I will make more throwing sticks and plan to photograph them. Then. if the stars line up right , and the cam and the computer will cooperate, I'll post them. No big deal. I have a thickness planer that allows me to get the wood to the thickness I desire.  Mark the profile, cut out with jigsaw, sand, and coat with teak oil or some sealing compound.   ja


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