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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am so used to a manual kiln I am not sure what is normal and what isn't with a digital kiln.
  2. I have a Skutt KM822 I have been firing since I bought it new in March 2013. I fire to cone 6 in it. Lately I have noticed a change in when the relays "click." Let me preface by saying the firing I did last week I got error code 1. Kiln stalled out at 2177. I fire to 2210 with a 10 min hold. It was a very hot day when I did this firing, was mid afternoon when the error code 1 came on. I have multiple fans going to move air around in my kiln shed. I did diagnostic test and for amp, voltage. All OK. I also did a test fire of the kiln to 1100 with a 30 min hold and checked every peephole to see if elements all on. They were and I heard relays clicking the entire firing. OK..here is the issue. I just completed another cone 6 firing. I do ramp/hold program. Modified from one I saw online here in this forum. All are degrees Fahrenheit 150 to 250 degrees no hold 400 to 1900 no hold 130 to 2210 Hold 10-13 min. This firing I heard the relays clicking at the beginning. When I checked at 1700 degress no clicking but the temp rising. Checked again at 1923 and I hear clicking relays. Checked again at 2127 no relays sounds but the temp rising. I didn't hear the relays click again until I was in the hold at the end. The temp during the hold rose to 2217 and then the relays began clicking and the temp dropped to 2210. I have fired a manual Skutt for decades, so digital is foreign to me still. I will probably call Skutt this week, but curious if this sounds normal or not to those of you who have more digital firing experience than I do. Appreciate any insight!
  3. Do you get to travel much? Kentucky Mudworks is in Lexington KY. They sell wheels, kilns etc. Ordered some glaze from them awhile back.
  4. I can't envision NOT working in clay in some way, shape or form. It is part of who I am.
  5. I live on an acreage, my studio consists of three small outbuildings (one throwing shed and two kiln studios.) I leave the door open during spring/summer/fall and my dogs come and go as they please. I have 4 dogs-a yellow Lab mix, Australian Blue Heeler, and two Rat Terriers. The only concern I have at times is the rat terriers getting in the way when I trim. I use the old kick wheel my dad made me when I trim. It has a big cement flywheel. I don't want them to get their paws caught so I try to shoo them away when trimming.
  6. Hi Buckeye, I'm Bev from Nebraska. From your user name, I can tell you probably aren't a fan of my state right now. (Congrats on the win over Illinois though) I'm 56 and pottery is how I keep myself sane. I carry the mail as a rural letter carrier to make a living. Hope to leave the USPS in a year or so and concentrate more on my pottery. I've had my hands in clay since high school. My dad made me a kick wheel back then, one I still use to trim with. At present I show/sell my wares at regional Renaissance Faires for the most part. Stumbled onto the Renaissance Faire scene back in 1985. Seems to be a nice fit for the work I do. I do both functional and whimsical ware (dragons, gargoyles etc.)
  7. From recent gas kiln firing
  8. I have both a Skutt and a Paragon. The Skutt has been firing since 1974, have never changed elements in it. I only go up to cone 5 in it. I've had the Paragon about 25 years now, I suppose. I do need to change out some elements in it as they are sagging pretty bad in places. I used to fire to cone 9 in it, now I am firing at cone 6. They both have manual kiln sitters. The Paragon's doesn't drop anymore. In fact it started "sticking" not long after I purchased it. I replaced it a couple years ago and it worked for a couple firings and then it began to stick again. So I just use large witness cones viewable via the peep hole to fire.
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