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    uh, oh yeah....pottery. Gardening, guitar pickin' and wood working are among my interests. Hershey was my chocolate lab; he vanished in Feb 16. He's still in the photo and in my heart.

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  1. Well, it was a thought. I guess it's mute,as I fired 3 bisque loads of 30 bowls each, and every thing came out great. A little hot in some places, a little cool in some. But that's kilns. Be well, ja
  2. MYSTERY SOLVED, thoughts from a kiln tech (Kilnlady): the 3 ohm and 5 ohm elements are the same length, but have a different amount of space between their loops. The elements are wound on an arbor and then stretched to appropriate length. Possible that upon start-up that the 3 ohm might glow with LESS intensity because there is more space between the windings (loops); the loops are not as close to each other, possibly allowing heat to dissipate into brick and air. Makes sense to me. j
  3. Woof! Thank you Min and Kaitlynne for resurrecting my hershey8   account. It's been a long time since I've been able to communicate  with my fellow potters and ceramists on this forum. Trouble began when someone stole one of my laptops. Hershey disappeared/presumed dead, years ago. I still love seeing his face and green eyes on this site...."His spirit shadows me everywhere I go"  john autry (hershey8) CHEERS!

    1. Min


      Kaitlynne fixed it, it's beyond the scope of a mod to reset passwords, I just passed it along to her. Glad it's all sorted, nice to see Hershey back again on the forum but belated condolences on your loss. 

  4. Bill, 5's are like 1,2,3, on top and 10,11,12 on bottom . All of the 3s are in the middle. So a few minutes after start up the top three and the bottom three elements are glowing brighter than all of the middle ones. All 5's bright, all 3's dimmer. Weird huh? I'm doing a bisque now. Will check all elements and connections when she cools down. Hard for me to imagine that I screwed up the order of elements, as I wrote everything down and took my time. but I could have. Interesting, also: Infinite switch goes from 1-max. It is set on 5 now, and I would be surprised if it cycles at that setting, probably just stays on. Don't know why it would continue to switch on and off after it reaches a high temp. Will check with Paragon on that mystery, unless you have thoughts on it. j
  5. snf 24 (ser. 333266) both timer switches replaced with toggle switches. Infinite switch is new.
  6. Hi Neil...this is John (formerly hershey, big brown dog photo with green eyes),, it's been a while, and now I'm a newbie all over again, sigh. Yeah I'll just have to check all the elements, when Bertha cools down. Always something with this ol kiln, but it's big and still does a nice bisque job. cheers, ja ( I stopped posting because I could never get in with another computer...finally got that worked out)
  7. That's what I thought, the 3's would be brighter if everything is in series. But I have the reverse. I made the elements and rebuilt this kiln. Very possible with aging brain(got to blame something) that I reversed the order. Everything is in series, and EVERY 3 ohm element is dimmer than the 5's. There are six of each, 12 total. I'll just have to go back and ohm out my elements. Odd that every 3 is dim and every 5 is bright. Thanks.
  8. Just checking out my old Paragon after a year of being OFF. All 5- ohm elements burning bright after 5-10 minutes in on position. All 3-ohm elements burning, but with a lot less intensity. That sound about right? ja
  9. Making  some extruder dies for mug handles. The dies and the handles are  quite the journey.


  10. Made a crude throwing stick out of some black walnut, today. Needs a little more sanding, but works pretty well.  Think I'll make a few more with different shapes.

    1. LeeU


      I had a chocolate lab too--so special. The stick sounds wonderful--a photo would be nice--too bad it's such a pain to resize them (well, to me, anyway).. 

    2. hershey8


      Lee, I will make more throwing sticks and plan to photograph them. Then. if the stars line up right , and the cam and the computer will cooperate, I'll post them. No big deal. I have a thickness planer that allows me to get the wood to the thickness I desire.  Mark the profile, cut out with jigsaw, sand, and coat with teak oil or some sealing compound.   ja


  11. I was worried because it will be about 5 degrees here in north Georgia in the morning. My manual kiln (Kiln sitter) just turned off and is in cool down mode with all peeps in place. My basement my hit the 40's by morning. But this sounds mild compared to Colorado. My Skutt has 2 1/2 inch thick bricks. Will this temperature make things cool too fast? Right now basement is about 60 f. ja
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