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  1. B mix clay, with about 10 % grog, mix of large med fine. it will be heated in oven to 500F. Bread dough placed in, covered so bread will steam. then baked at lower temp.. then after time cover removed to finish baking. thinking that at bisque temp vs unglazed cone 6 will have better thermal shock properties? What say ye.
  2. How thick is your floor? How tall is your chimney? I need to study post more but first idea is taller chimney. sometimes you have to ride out the stall with more time.
  3. My interpretation of original post is that “one firing” means one opportunity to woodfire once. ……. There is a lot in OP that raise a flag for me., since we don’t have enough info to better assist. Guessing at clay body, wood fire kiln owner allowing untested clay on shelves in kiln, …. What kind of kiln? Solidish pieces? Organic vs inorganic? I understand there is first time for everyone. I would suggest to Hands On to give us more info. Use clay suggested by kiln owner. Also experimenting with form bisqued. Clarify if it is going to be once fired wood fired. Or are you pre bisquimg. What kind of kiln? What are expected final cone/temperature…… More info please
  4. I’ve used helmer as a flashing slip. I’m sure it would work. This body is pretty flashy already. I should try maybe get super flashy!
  5. Chicken grit is usually inorganic, I use grit as inclusion additions to my clay. I would sinter the grit prior to adding to clay. It’s longer conversation but it’s known concept, my attempt to emulate Shigaraki clay. This addition will not lighten the clay body for that I suggest adding sawdust to clay.. be carefull not to use oyster shell grit!!!! if you search back I have posted a recipe based on dick Lehman 12d clay, which is a take on a jack Troy recipe. I have fired this clay from underfired to 13 ish. If you can’t find it I’ll re post recipes here tomorrow. This a well tested proven recipie. The addition of fire clay makes it even more hardy but changes characteristics. are you saying this once fire or will you bisquing yor work. Be careful with any solid ish large pieces. That they absolutely dry before firing! edit can’t find my old post here . i slightly modified recipe in pictures below i changed plasticizer and lizella instead of red art Modified 12 D (original) EPK 36.8 Nephaline Syenite 24.5 OM4 Ball Clay 14.3 Silica 19.1 Bentonite 5.1 Redart 2.5 Total102.3 variation add 36 ap green fire clay brown and will stand up to higher temp (ap green is no longer available) im told other fireclays will work .
  6. No strong answer for you. But I have donated my crashed / edited cone 6 fired pieces to muralist. I was able to spot my shards that withstood a few years. Pieces were glazed and unglazed, all vitrified to 3% or less .
  7. I’m at a community studio. They are having issues firing a smallish car kiln. Kiln is indoors . I’m unsure how kiln is vented / how exhaust is routed. They are saying they are having issues with hvac system causing back pressure on kiln causing flame to come out . firing Is going on a month late. My guess is that something along exhaust is partially blocked. It is winter here and it is frequently windy outside. What could be causing this back pressure? I have good amount of experience with. Cone 6, wood fired kilns. they are quite secretive about firing I wish they would let us observe, would be great learning experience.
  8. This! I noticed many people at the new studio I am at, many are sanding pieces with expensive diamond pads as a matter of routine. i was taught to fix roughness early on, sanding finished pieces is a last effort
  9. Wet sanding is you friend. a drive down a dirt road with windows open, is higher risk for respiratory complications. I spoke with a manager of a sand and porcelain mine, no worker has come down with any respiratory complications. And there is minimal use of personal protective equipment
  10. Good to be back thanks. I have stash of some old school talc.
  11. I’m finally able to get access to cone 10 firing Anyone have a recipe? Cone 10 redux, extra points if leans to traditional
  12. Thanks Babs. Good to see some familiar names still here! that’s a huge amount of stalk to ash. Sounds like more work than I’m prepared. To do.
  13. Anyone do any experiments with corn stalk ash in ash type glaze?
  14. So I had a bag of grit spill on the porch, I cleaned up most of it    turns out my cats,   one is named  shino,  likes the fine grit dirt bath...  I let them out in backyard today, when I called them in, yes they come when called,  they had some gray dust on them ....Well they found the spot where I had spilled some Alberta  slip.....  high class kitties..... regular dirt is no longer good enough.....


  15. made glazes toaday

    1. glazenerd


      On my agenda for tomorrow. 

    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      on my agenda for every single day of the future. = )

  16. Exhausted ... wood firing today!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Biglou13


      not a satisfying firing.   learned much. overall poor results.


    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Those are the best firings sometimes. 

    4. Biglou13


      i agree joseph F   there were a few treats...  i post pics soon



  17. prototyping/desogn idea for hand built form...(big word for messing around with idea, for playing with clay)

    1. Benzine


      Euphemisms are fun...

  18. well after crashing some mugs and reading about productivity, yesterday while studio sitting threw 7 mugs with handles (for the record ihave made kept less than a dozen handles, me no like) about 10 trinket dishes, and 2 medium plates. looking at others' shelves i was productive.... (but not at production potter level)

    1. GiselleNo5


      I don't know how long you've been at this but don't compare yourself to high production potters.

    2. GiselleNo5


      Whenever I do that I feel like a huge failure but the truth is I don't enjoy that kind of work anyway. I like working in batches of 2-6.

    3. GiselleNo5


      Hope that came across as encouraging, not rude. Was meant to be encouraging.

  19. was @ coop for a short period today, i threw 6 somewhat strict cylinders. destined to be mugs, i fumbled the ware board crashing all six, and had 0% dissapointment!!!!!! i cut what was cutable to check and im doing OK!!!!

    1. glazenerd


      Big: throwing, dropping, fumbling stumbling: it all produces art.

    2. GiselleNo5


      Well ... at least you learned something about your work from it! I'm so sorry though!


  20. Biglou13

    IMG 2557

    From the album: Work in progress

    work in progress, channeling pollock
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