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  1. I listen to audio books and podcats mostly. for books i really like most fantasy books, especially Harry Potter, Wheel of time, any of Brandon Sanderson's works. Podcasts I enjoy are The Adventure Zone, Saw Bones, Ted radio hour, sasquatch chronicles and startalk. otherwise if I listen to music I download a playlist I put togetherusing youtube red.
  2. My full time proffesion is being a production potter. I hope to start doing studio work on the side in the future however.
  3. So far my best day was back in July when I made 180 coffee mugs in 8 and a half hours. However in general a good day for me is when I learn how to make a new shape and can throw it in under 2 minutes by the end of the day.
  4. I don't usually use a mug but this one is my fall back from work
  5. Me and some other potters at my work have an audio book club. we all have an audible and share books with each other. I just recently finished Stephen King's IT, both Jurassic Park books, and The Demon Cycle series. Right now I'm listening to The Magicians books. Otherwise sometimes I listen to my music playlist.
  6. I'm regretting my financial decisions from a few years back when I was fresh out of high school. Now I'm dealing with my mistakes and it has pushed back my dream of buying a house and having a studio to create my art. I guess production pottery will have to hold me over till then.
  7. Just a bunch of things I have done in my 2 years
  8. I'm sure most people here have been called talented before by those around you so I was wondering if you feel like your hard work isn't recognized because people people attribute it to a natural gift? I understand that people don't mean it that way but I personally would rather be told that I am skilled in what I do because it has taken me years of hard work to get to where I am. I also feel that by using the word talent people are making these skills seem like something you have to born good at in order to do it. When my work is hiring I tell people I know and they say things like, "I'm not t
  9. Really hoping to see something krampus related!
  10. i like to keep it simple and call myself a potter. though sometimes i'll use the term "skilled work" too. since it takes a lot of practice to do what we do on the wheel
  11. your issues look similar to what i was experiencing about a month ago. i figured out that i was using uneven pressure between my inside and outside hands. plus if pull inward on your first pull it also helps
  12. i'm going to give it another crack. i was able to get about 9 inches out of 2 pounds of clay so i'm fairly confident in making 12 with 3. hopefully i can post a video
  13. at my school we have 4 electric brent cxc's and i think 6 brent kick wheels. (one with a motor that still works but we don't use it due to the electric wheels are farthest from outlets. i love using kick wheels for trimming and i have thrown 25 pound pieces on it without any winning from the wheel. they also have a good level of sound and these are about 15 years old by the way. at home i have a speed ball clay boss that i think is very worth the price (mine was around $400 without shipping) the only complaint i have is that its a tiny bit noisy and the peddle is a little tight (i adjust the p
  14. the only other details about the sand is that it was ordered as a huge compressed block that we shaved down into a bucket that is simply labeled sand. its mostly used for paintings at our school
  15. I had an interesting idea today and that was to sprinkle sand on my freshly thrown pieces to add some interesting designs. My teacher is going to try in the older kiln since it doesn't matter as much if it does something bad. However that kiln can only get as high as cone 6. I was wondering though if maybe the sand will melt possibly. I don't have any specific details about the sand except that its high in silica. Has anyone had any experience with this yet? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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