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  1. I listen to audio books and podcats mostly. for books i really like most fantasy books, especially Harry Potter, Wheel of time, any of Brandon Sanderson's works. Podcasts I enjoy are The Adventure Zone, Saw Bones, Ted radio hour, sasquatch chronicles and startalk. otherwise if I listen to music I download a playlist I put togetherusing youtube red.
  2. Just a bunch of things I have done in my 2 years
  3. i like to keep it simple and call myself a potter. though sometimes i'll use the term "skilled work" too. since it takes a lot of practice to do what we do on the wheel
  4. at my school we have 4 electric brent cxc's and i think 6 brent kick wheels. (one with a motor that still works but we don't use it due to the electric wheels are farthest from outlets. i love using kick wheels for trimming and i have thrown 25 pound pieces on it without any winning from the wheel. they also have a good level of sound and these are about 15 years old by the way. at home i have a speed ball clay boss that i think is very worth the price (mine was around $400 without shipping) the only complaint i have is that its a tiny bit noisy and the peddle is a little tight (i adjust the pedal by hand and it doesn't want to move without a good poke)
  5. well I didn't have that but i did have to have a bone graft on my left scaphoid (non dominant hand after fracturing it playing football and they tried to heal it without surgery at first but 8 months later they realized that i t wont work so surgery was the only option for me if i ever wanted close to the original moment I had. The surgery was a success and took 6 weeks to heal. While i couldn't do anything big i was able to do bowls with one hand still and other small things. However i don't have fully motion back and i will probably develop arthritis later in life i do have most of what i had back, though sometimes it hurts if i try to bend it in certain ways.
  6. Waiting for my wheel to come.

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