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  1. I listen to audio books and podcats mostly. for books i really like most fantasy books, especially Harry Potter, Wheel of time, any of Brandon Sanderson's works. Podcasts I enjoy are The Adventure Zone, Saw Bones, Ted radio hour, sasquatch chronicles and startalk. otherwise if I listen to music I download a playlist I put togetherusing youtube red.
  2. Just a bunch of things I have done in my 2 years
  3. I'm sure most people here have been called talented before by those around you so I was wondering if you feel like your hard work isn't recognized because people people attribute it to a natural gift? I understand that people don't mean it that way but I personally would rather be told that I am skilled in what I do because it has taken me years of hard work to get to where I am. I also feel that by using the word talent people are making these skills seem like something you have to born good at in order to do it. When my work is hiring I tell people I know and they say things like, "I'm not t
  4. i like to keep it simple and call myself a potter. though sometimes i'll use the term "skilled work" too. since it takes a lot of practice to do what we do on the wheel
  5. at my school we have 4 electric brent cxc's and i think 6 brent kick wheels. (one with a motor that still works but we don't use it due to the electric wheels are farthest from outlets. i love using kick wheels for trimming and i have thrown 25 pound pieces on it without any winning from the wheel. they also have a good level of sound and these are about 15 years old by the way. at home i have a speed ball clay boss that i think is very worth the price (mine was around $400 without shipping) the only complaint i have is that its a tiny bit noisy and the peddle is a little tight (i adjust the p
  6. well I didn't have that but i did have to have a bone graft on my left scaphoid (non dominant hand after fracturing it playing football and they tried to heal it without surgery at first but 8 months later they realized that i t wont work so surgery was the only option for me if i ever wanted close to the original moment I had. The surgery was a success and took 6 weeks to heal. While i couldn't do anything big i was able to do bowls with one hand still and other small things. However i don't have fully motion back and i will probably develop arthritis later in life i do have most of what i ha
  7. Waiting for my wheel to come.

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