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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I found out from the manufacturer that the fan is on only for about 20 hours. It is off during the cooling off period.
  2. Thank you for your response. Yes, we are installing downdraft exhaust - kiln comes with a fan that will exhaust 65 CFM. This fan will be running for 3 days during kiln operation. So it will draw a lot of air out. There is no bylaws, nor kiln manufacturer recommendation on installing air make up vent. Bathroom fan does not run continuously so I do not think we can compare the two. The kiln surface temperature will be up to 300F. It is going to be located in 8 x 8 ft room. It may be hot in the room - this is why it was discussed putting air return to circulate this heat through out t
  3. Hello, I am installing new 10 q. ft kiln(Cone Art) in the basement. I hired a technician to install a vent. He explained that running motor over 2-3 days of kiln operation will suck out a lot of air and create negative air pressure in the house. He advised to install make-up air vent. Could anyone advise how crucial it is to have air make up vent supply? I have 3000 sq ft home. Can air be drawn from existing HVAC air supply? What negative impact will I experience if I do not have air make up? What are pros and cons to open a window tiny little bit instead ? Could anyon
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