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  1. yes, a slab big enough for the bottle to press into the foam.  the sand gives it some structure if it is a thin plastic bottle that would otherwise deform when pressed.   stretching does not hurt  the slab.  my flat boards have sharpish 90 degree angles and only one in hundreds actually creases into a split at a corner.  look at my personal gallery.

  2. congratulations!  now just have to work more to fill that lovely kiln.  you do know that you can make a full size shelf by putting 4 posts in and allowing the half shelves to fit over a single post between them.  did you use kiln wash?  counting on wasters without kiln wash might not work all the time.  what are the spiral bottle caps?

  3. the photo came from a website with pictures of flowers.  i traced it on tracing paper held to the screen on my computer.  then painted it on cheap newsprint using a lightbox.  kim says the cheap stuff works fine.  i got mine at the dollar tree.  i have to confess that i still have not worked out how to use this technique.  thinking of putting color on slabs, putting the slab on a bat, lifting the edges to make a plate.  maybe????

    be sure to check out her website.  gorgeous things!

  4. hi, roberta!  did not see this until now.  i wish i could use color but mostly i cover the whole thing in green.  the dragonfly in purple is the only color.   if i could paint, i might put proper colors in but then it would cost too much to sell.  i dropped the used materials outside the studio door when this was made on march 4 and yesterday, one of the unopened buds was gloriously beautiful.  hope they seed and grow.  the yard has spiderwort and oxalis growing all over.  i planted a groundcover of sensitive plant, can't remember its real name right now but it is also a tree.  it is Mimosa.

    you can see the old ceramic tray that i use for the shape under the edge in front.

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