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  1. yes, a slab big enough for the bottle to press into the foam.  the sand gives it some structure if it is a thin plastic bottle that would otherwise deform when pressed.   stretching does not hurt  the slab.  my flat boards have sharpish 90 degree angles and only one in hundreds actually creases into a split at a corner.  look at my personal gallery.

  2. yappy, if you use some sand for weight in the fancy bottle you can press it into the clay over some deep foam rubber.  i still have a big piece from a sofa cushion someone put out for trash 10/12 years ago.  if you have already cut the bottle that won't work well due to the brittleness of plastic bottles.

  3. congratulations!  now just have to work more to fill that lovely kiln.  you do know that you can make a full size shelf by putting 4 posts in and allowing the half shelves to fit over a single post between them.  did you use kiln wash?  counting on wasters without kiln wash might not work all the time.  what are the spiral bottle caps?

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