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  1. I would get 1000g of the dry clay and mix it with water till the right consistency. Pour this evenly into 10 containers so I have 100g of ingredients in each. Add whatever % colourant and mix.
  2. Thanks, yea that is the same as the one I managed to find. Does this fire to a white or more buff colour?
  3. Does this Robin Hopper's slip recipe exist anywhere or am I being 'thick'? EDIT Might have found it here http://ceramicartsdaily.org/pottery-making-techniques/ceramic-decorating-techniques/mocha-diffusion/ Also is there any trade I can do for Pyrax?
  4. After three successful glaze firings without any of the wires getting hot I finally trust that the kiln is fixed! Happy days. Time to start making money

    1. Babs


      kiss the kilngod!

    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      My kilngod effigies have been reduced to sitting on a shelf as they were not very good at protecting the kiln. They glare at me from afar but I just laugh and start quoting V=IR

    3. Babs


      don't tempt them, you may need them in future, even if just to cuss!

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  5. I vary the moisture levels in my clay to what I want to make. I use soft clay for small 'wobbly' pots and hard clay for a more solid form/ bigger forms. It really depends how I feel. Some days I like to force the clay and other days I like to relax it into a form. This is why I enjoy recycling clay because you start with very wet slop and can choose what moisture level you would like. It just takes time...
  6. Stuck at work on night shift... Anybody got some links to good ceramics reading online? I feel like I have read everything I can find.

    1. Babs


      google British potters then you can drop into people in different parts of the UK as well!

    2. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Chris, great website of Julia Galloways'! The Field Guide is priceless.

    3. Rebekah Krieger

      Rebekah Krieger

      I love to look at youtube kiln opening videos and learn about glaze results people have. I get inspiration and start drawing out ideas.


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  7. I have only tried making pendants once. To hang them I used old off-cuts from the kiln elements to hang them on, raised up with small kiln props. This method did take up a lot of space in the kiln.
  8. Don't have any cornstarch right now. Managing to get an OK stamp with cling film. 1.5" stamp Picture
  9. Great idea, used the cling film from my lunch as a test. It worked perfectly, just got to get all the clay out the stamp now that is stuck in from my rookie mistakes
  10. I need some help, got a ceramics stamp that has a lot of small detail. When pressed into clay it deforms the clay and pulls bits up. I was reading somewhere that cornstarch could help it not stick so just wanted your ideas on this area. Maybe talc powder? I did read the article in relation to polymer clay but thought it could work on normal clay. The cornstarch would just burn off in the bisque firing? Thank you in advance
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