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Making Under Glaze Pencils

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If you're dead set on it, there's an article here:



But they really aren't that expensive (Blick has them listed as a set of 6 colors for around $45). Probably not the cheapest retailer, but they also have frequent 30-50% sales that I take advantage of.


It'll be cheapear / easier than tweaking formulas for colorant percentages, firing at different temperatures for the right hardness, etc.

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On this subject can anyone tell me why these went to moon in Price the past 15 years???

I have a tumbler full of them still-but nowdays they cost and arm and leg-and cobalt and other colorants have not gone up that much?

I know many of the old brands went belly up -like Drakenfield-chem clay

I still have Minnesota clay and amaco ones and a few Drakenfields and a bunch of Chem-clays maybe 18 in all.

Anyone know whats up with this humoguss price increase?


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I made some years ago and really didn't have much luck with them, the image that was drawn could be barely seen under clear glaze and the pencils broke easily.   Denice

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