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  1. Hi there what would be the best clay for ovenware I have E S original ES/55 stoneware would this clay be ok to withstand the heat in the oven, also I have CWE earthenware which I'm not using it fires too 1160c could I treat this as a mid temperature clay and would it be vitrified

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      this section is for "status" Ask technical questions under topics, like Clay and Glazes.Helps keeping topics searchable. Also, for clay types, many will not know ES ES 55 . Best to specify company source and a chemical breakdown if available. Earthenware is not a midrange clay.


  2. wow i have a hair salon in my garden my husband ran a pipe out from our water had our plumber in and he connected a shower unit and have a small tank outside dug into the ground , and a pump, which pumps the water into our drain, and that didn't cost the earth to have done, my husband just hoses it out now and again, cos i won't lie it does get a build up of soap and gunk. but otherwise pretty good, we lagged the pipes and just buried them slightly in the ground, what a fab studio that would make, but business comes first ....
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