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  1. Thanks, Carl for the clarification. And it's funny, because as I read your refence I looked up on the shelve about 2 feet from the desk top and there sits that dictionary. A really great one, however, show the technological advances do tend to make the lazy -- hence my forum question instead of just opening the book and seeing for myself. Hopefully this helped others out as well. Thanks! Erin
  2. Sorry. Didn't realize it was so lengthy. Hopefully I made a point.
  3. A great book for all: The Potter's Professional Handbook by Steven Branfman.
  4. Question 1: I am excited to understand industrial techniques and to see how others will use it. Question 2: All a matter of the idea in the end. I have lived in Marshall, TX for over 5 years and have never until recently took a tour of Marshall Pottery (once Ellis Pottery) one of the oldest and still operating potteries in the country. The reason they are still operating is because the company has embraced industry to mass produce Terracotta Flower Pots -- Derma (an Italian company) has many plants around the world, but you can still buy a few plain fragile Terracotta pots ma
  5. Erinspottery

    Erin Lambers

    Here are my coiled pots -- I refer to them as Squiggle Pots
  6. making lots of pots around reading A Potter's Book...

  7. I am about midway through A Potter's Book Bernard Leach for literary entertainment and for the first time have seen biscuit printed and just figured it was the proper English version of bisque past tense verb which I have often written and say out loud multiple times a week -- ie: It will be bisqued tomorrow/This piece has been bisqued. Guess spell check isn't wrong afterward. The dictionary uses biscuit as a noun but never a word, so is bisque used as a past tense verb not correct? My vocabulary is something I am working on over all but was never my strongest suit in school.
  8. Erinspottery

    My pots

    Some of my pottery both coiled and wheel thrown.
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