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In Five Words Describe What Drew You To Clay | February 6, 2014

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TJR    359


malleability,immediacy,tactile, volume,permanence

Are you describing your personality type here TJR???? :D

Sorry to be so flippant, sitting here, doing a stint as a relief teaching , and dreaming of pottery. 



Sorry I didn't catch this the first time around. My personality- witty, acerbic, driven, focused,artistic.


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CarlCravens    58

Hot chick playing in mud.


My wife wanted to try taking a wheel-throwing class... I thought it looked fun, though I sucked at hand-building in high school.  I found it was the only artistic thing I took to "naturally"... it stuck with me, and she hasn't tried wheel throwing since.  (Though she sculpts from time to time.)


My real answer:


Functional, primal, personal, handmade, challenging.


(I shouldn't say I sucked at hand-building... just at aesthetics.  My mother still has the coil-built cubic-foot (or so) Ugly Pot on her living room floor... I'm mid-forties and the pot has survived multiple moves, sitting at the corner of a high-traffic area, and my son falling and hitting his head on it when he was in grade school... and the walls aren't all that thick.)

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Seeing clay cut with wire.


(That blew my mind in early elementary school and always stuck with me.  It's as if my life were two dimensional, and seeing wire cutting clay was my first clue that there were three dimensions.)

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