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  1. We draw upon all kinds of sources when making our work, nature, stories, and history, for example. Is there someone in the past that you look to for inspiration? Who is the historical figure that has influenced your art the most?
  2. Do you ever see everyday items that seem like they would be fun to make out of clay? Name a common item you would love to make out of clay. Functional or nonfunctional.
  3. How have you included pottery in your holiday or vacation? Did you use your time strictly for clay-related activities, or did you just manage to squeeze in some time for clay? What did you do? Where were you?
  4. As a collector of pottery, would you prefer to have a set of a potter’s work, ie. dinner set or many pots by different potters? Why? Post an image of a sample of your collection.
  5. There are so many options these days for learning about ceramics. How do you learn best? By watching, reading, hands on or a combination? For me, watching combined with hands on seems to work the best. Share with us the most effective way for you to learn. Is there any particular experience that stands out for you?
  6. Do you enjoy alternative firing? What is your favorite method? Show us some images and tell us a bit about the way YOU do it!
  7. When I go to museums and look at pots or shards from the past, I always wonder about the lives of the people surrounding them. Who made them? Who used them? What were they thinking at the time? What will an archaeologist say when they did up your shards or handle your pots?
  8. Potters often turn pots upside down to inspect the bottom. We're looking at the who what and where of the pot and potter. Have you ever turned a pot upside down without first checking to see what was inside? Do you have a funny or embarrassing story to tell about it? Do share!
  9. Another way that I have experience this "click", albeit an odd way, is as a nurse. In my other life as an NICU nurse, I would always feel that sensation when starting IVs or when doing other procedures requiring concentration, and body awareness. It's really fascinating how the mind and body work together. Our bodies have what are called proprioceptors. Here's a wiki on them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proprioception
  10. When I center clay, I feel as if I am focusing to a point of stillness. I have never had success trying to force my way into centering. By moving slowly and deliberately, I can physically and mentally feel that "click" as everything falls into place. As a recent yoga devotee (one year), I recently had an epiphany while performing a balancing pose. As I went into the asana, I felt that same "click". I felt calm, in control, and yes, "centered". How about you? What does centering clay mean to you? Is it a battle or is it a "Moment of Zen"?
  11. Although I have a favorite mug, I often choose others. In a way, it makes me feel as if I am visiting with a friend or an admired potter. Whose cup or mug did you choose today? Why? Share a picture if you'd like!
  12. It seems every potter has their special "thing" that they love to make. What is your favorite item to make out of clay? Why? Post an image to share if you'd like!
  13. With the internet, it is so much easier these days to get a chance to look at the work of other potters. I am often amazed by the ingenuity and originality of some of the work I have come across. What is the most unique or quirkiest piece of functional pottery you have ever seen, either in real life, in print or on the internet? What made it so special? Who was it by?
  14. A lot of potters are tool hoarders. I love to try new tools, but often I find myself using the same old favorites, over and over. For throwing, I tend to use a homemade 45, a wire tool, a needle tool, a rib made from a hotel keycard and an eggcrate sponge. For handbuilding, I love my rib with a serrated edge. Which are your most frequently used tools and how do you use them?
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