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  1. Try a fine raku or sculpture paperclay mix from a ceramics supplier which will be strong enough if built on a wooden batt and not moved off it ......or get some dried out clay add 50/50 paper pulp or clean paper cat litter, add into hot water and mix thoroughly. Next morning knead and wedge before using. Both these paperclay mixes can be quite strong if not moved too often and can be fired later when you have access to a kiln. Paint a good layer of PVA glue to seal, let dry and then paint with acrylics or other decorative paints. Paper fibres help bond the clay particles and make a stronger, but not permanent or unbeakable, clay body. Irene
  2. Hi all Had our gallery's Christmas bash recently and a debate broke out about our personal definitions of who we are and what we do....... some thought 'potter' and 'pottery' was outdated, some kind of 1970's 'hippy' brown 'mug and jug' concept others said 'ceramicist' sounded like some inflated, interllectual self-justifying 'label' for a craft already practiced for thousands of years others thought 'ceramics' allowed for broader interpretations than functional wares and ALL were horrified that handmade artisan work could get lumped into 'paint-a-plate/hobby ceramics'!! ............the impetus for today's question was one person's strong assertion that ....'in the US and UK theyre called ceramicists not potters!'..............really?? .......it does not seem the case as I read through CAD but maybe I can't read.........so I will ask the question.... How do you define yourself and what you do?....... potter/pottery, ceramics/ceramicist....or some hybrid or variation? Look forward to the answers....... Have a great Christmas/New Year holiday!! ......btw, 35C here today...no snow Irene
  3. Hi Annie, hi Kate I bought nichrome wire (very fine, like beading wire) for insertion as little loops into clay pendants before firing... and... I bought kanthal wire (1.5mm dia.) for the bead 'trees' (think spiny cactus) I made out of stoneware clay, from NSW Pottery Supplies. Outlets at Homebush, Sydney and one in Brisbane, also do internet or phone orders. http://www.nswpotterysupplies.com.au/ . Good luck. Irene
  4. .......beware...crack pot!!!

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