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High Bridge Pottery

Community Challenge #6

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(final entry)


I am very very happy with the finished result. There are eyes on the back and it was hanging on the wall while still warm!

To finish I used an iron oxide wash, sponged off. My shirt was done with a thin cobalt oxide wash.
A clear glaze was poured over the entire piece. Sprinkles of my bowl full of dry glaze scrapes were added around the background.
"Blessed be the souls who give without taking, touch without breaking, the ones they hold dear. ~David Olney"
Glazed and loaded into the kiln:

Glazed Portrait


Self Portrait

Face details

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Apparently I am not yet done with this Hidden Mask Selfie. I've pressed the deliberately broken pieces into a white stoneware and will apply underglazes and fire to bisque before going to the next step, which is going to be some external embellishment. 





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