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  1. I'm sure most people here have been called talented before by those around you so I was wondering if you feel like your hard work isn't recognized because people people attribute it to a natural gift? I understand that people don't mean it that way but I personally would rather be told that I am skilled in what I do because it has taken me years of hard work to get to where I am. I also feel that by using the word talent people are making these skills seem like something you have to born good at in order to do it. When my work is hiring I tell people I know and they say things like, "I'm not talented like you" or "I'm not artistic enough" and it drives me nuts because people don't seem to connect pottery with a skill that can be learned. This is just a subject that rolls around my head while I lay down at night and I feel that it was time to get other people's opinions, thanks!
  2. Community Challenge #9

    Really hoping to see something krampus related!
  3. It's all about the shape of the logo and the amount of pressure you use.
  4. Your Favorite Pottery Videos?

    Any video where the person destroys what they made at the end. If I were a teacher I would have my students break their first 5 projects so they can get away from the "my baby" stage and go to the "what if I do this" stage. AS for videos I would say any pottery video by youdanxxx. Maybe one of his father's too?
  5. Attaching Wooden/antler Handles

    What Tyler said!
  6. I've donated a few pieces to a local charity for a family friend who has kidney failure. While I can't say it helped my image it did help my confidence when I found out they were the most bid on item in the silent auction.
  7. Potter's Assistant

    I believe that it's how much dollars worth of pottery is made.
  8. For the classes I was in we went around the room pointing out where everything is and what everything is and the basics of how to use it. Then if we had enough time we made rulers with inch markers to show about how much the clay shrinks and so we can try a bunch of glazes on them.
  9. The specialist is the one who told me that I am likely to get arthritis with this because of the screw. Though I think I may consult my general doctor that I just switched back to that has dealt with a lot of football related injuries. yeah, line was the only place for me, from what I'm reading it sound like you're thinking soon after the injury. My surgery was 2 years ago, though I will try the Ibuprofen and stretching. My mom has issues with her hip where keeping the inflammation down keeps most of the pain away.
  10. I was wondering how other members deal with injuries that interrupt with clay creation? For me I had to have a bone graft on my left scaphoid due to a fracture from high school football. So now at the age of 18 I'm developing arthritis in my left wrist because of this (The doctor said it was a possibility. Better than it still being broken) so now most activities cause pain and if I ignore it the pain just stays for about a week. I've tried icy hot cream but it only does so much. I have noticed that wearing a brace during activities helps but I have yet to find a a slim waterproof one that I can use while I throw/swim.
  11. maybe we should stay away from this sort of subject.
  12. The arts are not alone in this "broken system" problem. I heard a recent NPR program where LAWYERS were talking about how so many of THEM cannot get jobs that pay enough to offset the huge cost of their necessary college educations either now. Yeah,... lawyers. And I've heard friends in the medical profession also complain about this same kind of issue. We need to stay a bit off of politcs in the forums (for good reasons) ... but I will say there is more to this issue than simply art schools and ceramics and such. Amen to the "practical aspects" to education Chris mentions. Much needed in many places. We also unfortunately see all to many students coming out of high schools that have been told that they are SO good and SO special and SO talented........ then arriving at the college level and "crashing" because they find out that they are just 'one of the masses' when it is no longer the 'big fish in small pond' thing.... and suddenly realize that only the best and brightest are going to make the art field work as a profession. best, .......................john I cannot agree with this enough. I came from a small town and was constantly told how great I was and then when I did potty tournaments for the first time I was shell shocked by how much I needed to improve just to feel average.
  13. I don't know if anyone is close enough or willing to come but I know I will be there trying to get scholarship money and usually there are people doing raku there and it's at our beach on Lake Ripley, home of Wisconsin record large mouth bass so while there may not be a whole lot to do pottery wise it's still fun to walk around and take a swim! http://www.cambridgepotteryfestival.org/ not sure why I can't link it so there's the website address
  14. I have not had much experience yet with selling as I'm still in school and don't have the time or resources to really make enough to sell. Though I do believe that educating the customer like this can be only good for our business. It makes the customer feel a lot more confident in their buy and you seem really nice for doing it. Plus it forces people to only sell the best if everyone knows what to look for, Great job!
  15. there's a cabinet in my house with a lot of my ugliest work from my beginnings. Though somehow a few escaped me to family members... i think i might have to go to the gun range some time soon.