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  1. teapot

  2. Random Collection of Work

    Just a bunch of things I have done in my 2 years
  3. two section vase

  4. large bowl

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  8. tall vase

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  11. I'm sure most people here have been called talented before by those around you so I was wondering if you feel like your hard work isn't recognized because people people attribute it to a natural gift? I understand that people don't mean it that way but I personally would rather be told that I am skilled in what I do because it has taken me years of hard work to get to where I am. I also feel that by using the word talent people are making these skills seem like something you have to born good at in order to do it. When my work is hiring I tell people I know and they say things like, "I'm not talented like you" or "I'm not artistic enough" and it drives me nuts because people don't seem to connect pottery with a skill that can be learned. This is just a subject that rolls around my head while I lay down at night and I feel that it was time to get other people's opinions, thanks!
  12. Community Challenge #9

    Really hoping to see something krampus related!
  13. It's all about the shape of the logo and the amount of pressure you use.