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    Professor Emerita, MSU-Billings

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    "I have been working in clay since 1966. -an industrial design major in a ceramics elective. I got hooked! First time I raku fired was with Paul Soldner in 1968 at Wallingford Art Center in the snow. I love the fire, kilns, tactile surfaces and the comraderie of the folks who live with this humbling medium. My interests in Clay include dynamics of Kiln designs, Glaze Chemistry, Throwing, building kilns, and developing tools for new forms and textures, alternative firing processes and the World History of Ceramics. On a non-ceramics note I enjoy cooking and gardening, travel, museums observations of nature including wild horses and birds incorporating them into my art. Moved back to Montana where I'll be able to visit the wild horse herds in the Pryor Mountains.


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  1. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    That is Val Cushing’s recipe except he uses 3110. And should be applied thin. I have posted this several times. You may need to adjust your stain. It is basically: 1/3 of each , but stains vary in character. Marcia
  2. I never politicized pottery..I.e. mugs. I made sculpture. This piece addresses humankind’s taking from the earth. it is rather none offensive except I made it in Uzbekistan where they still chop off hands for stealing. “Up for Grabs” 1992
  3. Raku Questions

    Watch the pots. The glaze will bubble up and then flux smooth and shiny. I call the bubble up part, the pancake batter stage... just when you should flip a pancake. Try putting the tiny pieces on a shallow bowl and pick them up in one shot. You don’t want the kiln open cooling for a long time. Glaze will be marred if it touches anything while fluxed. Avoid that. You could set the bowl with small pieces on a brick. Cover with newspaper and cover that with an inverted can. Use sand around the base to nestle it into a sealed position. i use a pyrometers because I use Matt raku glazes. Know which glaze is a crackle white or a luster so you can watch that one specifically. I have been firing raku since 1968..almost 50 years. Still a great passion. Marcia
  4. PQotW: Week 30

    1 | 3 3 1 Pres, these are fun but I have no clue . You have an interesting library Marcia
  5. We lost a few people several years ago when things got ugly
  6. Raku Proposal For School

    Yes. There was fine sawdust in the can when a student pulled open the lid for an incoming pot. The lid pulled up some fine dust and WHOoSH! Startled all of us. I prefer straw for my own work. I like the variation of colors. Marcia
  7. Raku Proposal For School

    Don’t use very fine sawdust. I had some spontaneously combust when the lid was pulled off the can. use heavier chunky sawdust or newspaper. Much safer. Marcia
  8. Raku Proposal For School

    I wear a face heat shield when I use my serious heat resistant gloves. Don’t do this with students. I do this at home.
  9. Yes, punch it. You’ll feel better too.
  10. I have done social and political commentary from Nixon , environmental issues to the border wall, but my response was technical applications for resist. I believe we are suppose to avoid political commentary here on the forum. marcia
  11. My interpretation soak; keeping the temperature level to even out a glaze....or during a body reduction from 09 to 04, or a glaze reduction. Soaking can also be used in Soda firings when adding charges of soda. then there is a soaking when trying to brighten iron glazes in electric kilns in a ^6 firing. This is done a t ^6 for maybe 20 minutes and then the temperature is dropped tp about 1960 and held for 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on personal preference. I soak my sagger firings for 20 minutes to assure complete combustion of material in the saggers. hold: somewhat the same. sometimes. Crystalline glazes use holding at the same temperature to grow the crystals, but soaking could be the same definition candling: I use this more for gas firings.. candle overnight or at the beginning of the firing to slowly warm up the chamber and the stack or chimney. That makes the chimney draw the heat. preheat: warming up the kiln to drive out the moisture before hitting 212 where steam can blow up work. Marcia
  12. Before applying the paper clay patching, soak the bisque area with water. otherwise the moisture is sucked out of the patching material too quickly and it flakes off. use the paper clay recipe with Karo, vinegar, toilet paper and clay powder. Then re-bisque before glazing. This is a must. Then there is no problem glazing. Can be used for functional pieces. I repaired a student’s pitcher handle this way and it was fine.Handle was in 4 pieces.
  13. Got it but will have to figure out how and where to save them. first try was saved but lost any good resolution.
  14. Thanks Mea. iwill try that. My storage and workability is really limited with traveling on;y with a phone andtablet. Marcia
  15. How do I reduce a photo from 1 mb to 50k I’m an iPad?