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    birdwatching, critter watching, fishing, cooking, travel, writing, civic engagement .
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    Diagonal 11 Woodfiring Symposium at La Meridiana, June 17-June 30, Exhibition in Faenza June 30-July3,

    3rd Annual Ceramics Invitational, Radius Gallery, Missoula,  Montana May 10-June 18

    Alternative Firing Class , San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  Oct 8-12

    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. Studio with storage and work space

    very neat and tidy!
  2. gas kiln.

    My top hat raku kiln is in that book! Lots of great info in that book. Mel compiled some excellent info. Marcia
  3. Terra sig density

    GIG Question: Is there a kind of mysticism around Terra sigillata? Extra-precise not necessary chemistry? I think it depends on how you plan to use it, to find which way works best. The boiled terra sig above is leaving visible brush strokes on my work when I am focusing on surface patterns from the saggar firing. The fast terra sig that I learned in Italy, does not do that. Both are made with the same clay. My fast terra sig is thinner than the boiled type at 1.15 SG. I have been making Terra sig for several decades using various methods including ball milling for 24 hours. The fast terra sig works for how I use it. Does this answer your question? Marcia
  4. Electric to gas updraft conversion

    I have seen adaptations using the cylinder on its side and adding a stack on the end as a down draft. It makes more sense to me to do that. Try googling it. Marcia
  5. Terra sig density

    My friend, Rosana Antonella just had an article about her terra sig work in PMI written by my other friend Claudia who manages the school program at La Meridiana. Rosana is from Rome...hence Roman! Marcia
  6. Terra sig density

    Terra Sig was from the Greeks and Romans. I learned from the Romans. except for the plastic bottle.
  7. "Making Pottery" with Linda Christianson 5 Day Workshop

    Linda fired the train wood kiln during the wood firing extravaganza at U of Kansas 2 years ago. Lorna Meadon fired the wood soda, and there were also an Anagama and a Noboragama kilns fired. She is a lovely person and inspirational. Marciaa
  8. Terra sig density

    yes. add water. then you may have to adjust again..then boil it. it goes back and forth. The quick terra sig that I learned in Italy, does not rely on SG. This video 3 below is from my dvd. The bottle in the video is .591 ml and I added 125 grams. The edited script says 750ml. Its easier to use a liter bottle and 200 grams. see the recipe here. https://www.marciaselsorstudio.com/how-to-make-terra-sigillatta.html Here is more detail. http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/pottery_clay_papers.htm There are many ways to make and use terra sig. This is a good one immediately below for earthenware , but it is not good for my use in saggar firing.
  9. Terra sig density

    boiling it works faster. Marcia
  10. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    some pictures from NCECAOur Spring at her lecture, the commercial exhibition, Show at Standard ceramics and Frick Museum. Pres is in the 5th picture.
  11. working on pieces for Invitational at one gallery, a wood firing in June, and seasonal gallery opening in Nye, Mt.
  12. gas kiln.

    they are fire bricks http://bricknames.com/brick/category/W foil will decompose when fired above 1500 F or so. I tried it. Have a good story about it but not here. Best to either build an arch of castable and insulate with fiber on the outside or use 6" of insulation 8# test which would probably be thick enough to work at high temperature.You could support the span with hardware fabric. Marcia
  13. What Is Ceramics, Is It Art?

    Have you considered if stone carving is an art or functional? Stone carvers build houses , bridges, yet Michelangelo carved David. ceramics is a material that is spark plugs, space shuttle tiles, knives, pottery or sculpture. The final product is what it is. Marcia
  14. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    You did a great job, Spring. I enjoyed your personal journey and all the things you realized you learned from it. Nice to meet you in person. I remember your piece in a show in Portland (?) . lots of leaves. NCECA was great. Hung out with old friends including Pres.. Very mellow. Got to 4 actual events, lots of show, and the ICan reception. Our hotel have breakfast and dinner included which saved a lot of money. Even included a free glass of wine plus $.75 for the 2nd and 3rd. Not bad. Plus lots of space for hanging out and visiting with friends. Many of the hotels don't have that. Really enjoyed it this year. I have missed three NCECAs since 1971. greeley , Co was the smallest with about 500 in 1976. (dry county but someone brought a few cases of beer to the campus). Marcia
  15. are these engobes ?

    A recipe using EPK , a frit and and a mason stain could be a to of things depending on the quantity. If it is 1/3 of each, it is a cone 04 Val Cushing underglaze recipe. Marcia

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