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    Professor Emerita, MSU-Billings

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    Red Lodge, Montana
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    birdwatching, cooking, travel, writing, civic engagement teaching and sharing 50+ years knowledge of working in clay.

    Upcoming Events 2018

    WINTER COURSE  Online January-February   http://teachinart.com/alternative-firing.html

    3rd Annual Ceramics Invitational, Radius Gallery, Missoula,  Montana

     Alternative Firing Techniques,   Summer 2018 dates TBA Tuscarora Pottery School, Tuscarora, Nevada http://www.tuscarorapottery.com

    Alternative Firing Class , San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  Oct 8-12

    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. Artspeak

    Neil, when I was in Art school, some guys went to the Beaux Arts Ball as a fart. rolling around on the floor wrapped up in a huge black piece of plastic and throwing out sulphur bombs. It was pretty funny. Marcia
  2. San Miguel de Allende Ceramics Workshops for 2018 offers a large number of figurative classes with well-known artists. I am the only one offering a non-figurative class on Alternative firing . San Miguel is well known as an artistic community in the mountains. My course is in Oct. 8-12. Here is the whole list https://www.sanmigueldeallendeceramicworkshops.com/2018-workshops
  3. Artspeak

    I made four. .They are small, 6" But now I want to make larger ones like 12-18". I was firing in my tiny demo kiln. Second opportunity to fire I used my barrel kiln and fired 3 saggars. Glad you're warm. I have a huge pile of snow next to my kiln and it just keeps getting bigger. I scrape the snow away when a warm day looks promising. Marcia
  4. Artspeak

    I am enjoying making marks on clay just because it makes me wonder at what chemicals, organic material, masking, baffling will to do a surface. No hidden agenda. Just keeping myself amused. Some of today's amusement. I am particularly enthralled with seaweed. Marcia
  5. Callie, great article for a new age of market strategy. Well done. Marcia
  6. wonderful dose of good advice, Mark. Something experience and wisdom created. Marcia
  7. I should change my thread to a good MONTH for the written word! Congratulations , Mark! And also to Callie!
  8. firing saggers today while it is sunny and little wind. 27 F  no freezing on my little propane tanks.
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    2. glazenerd


      Looks like it was just hewn and polished, fresh from the quarry. One of the more exceptional examples of minimalism I have seen. Well done!

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor


      I love seeing what happens with various things like grasses and seaweed.



    4. Denice


      I just want to reach through the screen and touch them.  Great job  Denice

  9. firing saggers today while it is sunny and little wind. 27 F

  10. I met him at the Majolica conference in Toronto in '98 at the Gardner Museum . I have always admired his work. Glad he is still among us (on earth). Great article and really wonderful examples of his work. Thanks for posting. Every time I see an older potter's name in the subject, I brace myself for an obit. Its an age thing, I know. I have lost quite a few older friends. Marcia
  11. Creating A Workshop

    Hi Chad, Your website is mentioned in the Revistas Ceramicas article about my work in Obvara. Good luck with your workshop. Marcia
  12. Carving into clay

    I have a sweet little set of carving tools about 4 inches long- various shaping chisels. I work when leather hard. To avoid flaking, spray a little water on the immediate area. Just enough to rehydrate. Carving can be tedious, but very absorbing and rewarding by the results. Enjoy. Marcia
  13. I am a happy old person. Never put it in those terms but I like them. Define elderly.. not sure I'm there yet. Marcia
  14. on standby to quickly fire some saggers tomorrow weather permitting. Too cold today. Snowed last night.


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