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    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    some pictures from NCECAOur Spring at her lecture, the commercial exhibition, Show at Standard ceramics and Frick Museum. Pres is in the 5th picture.
  2. working on pieces for Invitational at one gallery, a wood firing in June, and seasonal gallery opening in Nye, Mt.
  3. gas kiln.

    they are fire bricks http://bricknames.com/brick/category/W foil will decompose when fired above 1500 F or so. I tried it. Have a good story about it but not here. Best to either build an arch of castable and insulate with fiber on the outside or use 6" of insulation 8# test which would probably be thick enough to work at high temperature.You could support the span with hardware fabric. Marcia
  4. What Is Ceramics, Is It Art?

    Have you considered if stone carving is an art or functional? Stone carvers build houses , bridges, yet Michelangelo carved David. ceramics is a material that is spark plugs, space shuttle tiles, knives, pottery or sculpture. The final product is what it is. Marcia
  5. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    You did a great job, Spring. I enjoyed your personal journey and all the things you realized you learned from it. Nice to meet you in person. I remember your piece in a show in Portland (?) . lots of leaves. NCECA was great. Hung out with old friends including Pres.. Very mellow. Got to 4 actual events, lots of show, and the ICan reception. Our hotel have breakfast and dinner included which saved a lot of money. Even included a free glass of wine plus $.75 for the 2nd and 3rd. Not bad. Plus lots of space for hanging out and visiting with friends. Many of the hotels don't have that. Really enjoyed it this year. I have missed three NCECAs since 1971. greeley , Co was the smallest with about 500 in 1976. (dry county but someone brought a few cases of beer to the campus). Marcia
  6. are these engobes ?

    A recipe using EPK , a frit and and a mason stain could be a to of things depending on the quantity. If it is 1/3 of each, it is a cone 04 Val Cushing underglaze recipe. Marcia
  7. you beat me, Pres. I stayed over at a friend's in Billings. Doing laundry today. Had a great time hanging out with you and the others. Also caught Spring's very personal talk on her own educational experiences from travelingl. It was great to meet her in person.


    1. Pres


      Both of your friends were fun also, I hope the one is well on her way to recovery. Great seeing you once again. I can post pictures later on this week.

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      feeling overwhelmed with all I need to do soon. Must find a warm day to fire obvara for a show due May 6. need to make the brew 3 days ahead. Starting to panic but much of the snow has melted.

  8. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    Lookin’ good, Chris. see you there. Molokai sounds much more inviting. Marcia
  9. Clay Cat Litter

    Using it as an additive to a hamdbuilding clay will give great pitted texture. but I don’t think it will do much in a casting slip. Marcia
  10. 5a99f54ebebd7_floridaleafpotsbowls006.JPG

    Your composition dances across the plate. Very nice!
  11. I had a Cress (used) about 45 years ago. I agree with dhpotter, just a simple, 2 hours on low, (with lid cracked open til steam stops..check with a mirror or mason jar, by watching if they fog up) shut the lid after 2 hours or if you still have steam, shut after the first hour n medium,. 2 hours on medium turn to high until finish. Check after 8 hours after beginning. Marcia
  12. automotive lacquer is a beautiful finish but I don't know about a rough surface. Oil paint works well for surface finish. Add Japan drier to speed up drying. It depends on what type of effect you are after. Marcia
  13. Leaving for NCECA early to visit my husband of the East Coast before going to Pittsburgh. Giving shoveling snow a rest.


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    2. Pres


      Will be out for a while . . . pre bowling for Fri. league. I have to check on time for ICAN board meeting on Wednesday, just remembered. Will let you know.



    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Do you have a cell phone?  Russel may need to register Wed morning before we go get the car.

    4. Pres


      Cell #814-312-1403

  14. Question on mixing colorant batches

    I used a similar system for color development. I learned it in the 60s and used it when I ws teaching. I posted it here several times over the years but not lately. I mix 250 gr. of the base. Add water to a glaze consistency. Pour equal amounts into 5 cups ( 50 grams of dry mix in the batch) labeled A,B,C,D,E.. . have a 6th cup for the mixing. Have 15 tiles prepared, bisued and numbers 1-15. Add a good variety of colorants. Example: A=base add a colorant to the base if you like. B-3% iron Ox. , C=2% copper carbonate, D=1% cobalt carbonate, E. 5%rutile The weights are 1/2 of the % amount since it is a 50 gram batch in each cup.. Ex. 1.5 grams for 3% for the iron. Mix in and sieve. 1st row is straight from the cups A, B,C,D,E 2nd row Mix a teaspoon of A with each of the others A+B, A+c, A+D, A+ E this reduces the colorants by half 3 row Mix B+C, B+ D, B+ E this reduces the colorants by half 4th row C+ D, C+ E this reduces the colorants by half 5th row D+ E this reduces the colorants by half this gives 15 color variations relatively quickly. and only one dry mix. Marcia
  15. Naked Finishes Workshop

    Beautiful work on your poster. You might consider a pre-conference workshop before NCECA in 2019 when its in Minneapolis.Proposals for the conference are usually in May. Marcia

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