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  1. PQotW: Week 37

    i am older the Pres by a few months! 7.73 months to be exact. His birthday is 08/20/1949. Mine is Feb. 1, 1949 Marcia
  2. Thanks Sputty. Dante is an interesting character. He was banished from Florence and ended up in Ravenna where he is buried. There is an empty tomb in santa Croce in Florence , not far from his home, now a museum. Florence wants him back. They have been feuding for a long time. Marcia
  3. Soda Firing Questions

    Just use the regular cones , not a pyrometer. During the infusion cycles which may last an hour , you will drop the cones. Use 8,9,10,11. Make your cone pack ahead of time. Make at least 12 pull rings to check the build up on the clay surface. have a poker around for pulling them. The cones can sit behind the pull rings in the peep holes. Marcia
  4. I am writing an article about a woman whose work I admire. During our interview, she said she came to realize she didn't have to keep going here and there to study , apprentice with a Korean master, work collaboratively with an artist on a collaborative installation for a museum. She has settled in Barcelona for the past 5 years and realizes the journey in clay never ends even if you remain in one place. so my question would be: where has your journey in clay taken you; either geographically, aesthetically, philosophically, product wise? Otherwise to quote an ancient philosopher and I think it was a Dante, but I may be wrong. he said literature can be interpreted : literally, metaphorically, allegorically, or metaphysically. so your answer can be in the previously mentioned categories. Marcia
  5. Soda Firing Questions

    Hey Mark. We use to fume. But we used old metal orange juice cans which don't exist anymore. Marcia
  6. Soda Firing Questions

    look into slips. I don't think straight iron would be that interesting. Google some flashing slips. Try a matt glaze They'll turn shiny.. glaze the insides of functional pieces like mugs. put some texture on the surfaces salt and soda respond well. Black magic slip is a nice dark blue glaze in salt or soda. Helmar kaolin slips flash beautifully. Marcia
  7. Why did my plates split ?

    I cut them right away and leave them on the bat.
  8. Soda Firing Questions

    if you are using the burner ports for the point of introducing the soda or soda ash , the burners will need some protection too. You could use the alumina/kaolin kiln wash mix on them as well. I always used the 50 alumina/50 kaolin recipe , same as the wadding. Plus dipped the posts ends in it as well. and the peep hole bricks. I prefer dissolving soda ash in boiling water and spraying it into the kiln through higher peep holes. and damper shut with burners on. As Callie says, the salt is lazy. It needs to be introduced slowly to volatilize. Otherwiise you get a molten corrosive lava flow on the ground of the kiln. When I was at the Mary Anderson center in Indiana I used an antique fire extinguisher with the hot solution of soda ash to spray into the kiln. Ruthanne used an orchard sprayer. both had brass nozzles. I have used orchard sprayers in the States but you need to get a brass nozzle so it doesn't melt. At La Meridiana, Pietro Maddelena built a soft brick kiln with high alumina insulation bricks. It lasted a few years. Ruthanne Tudball fired the first load during a workshop there in 2000. You'll need silicon carbide shelves too. Marcia
  9. Why did my plates split ?

    I cut right away. I dry slow sandwich flipping regularly as they dry. Question: at what stage did you make the impression? Was the plate trimmed yet? Marcia
  10. shameful self-promotion Alternative Firing Workshop in San Miguel de Allende Oct 8-12, 2018 with Marcia Selsor Program for Alternative Firing WorkshopsMy workshop on Alternative Firing will cover Ceramic Sagger Firings, Foil Sagger Firing and Obvara. During a five day course We make pieces for the three processes, make quick terra sig, burnish, bisque fire, make obvara brew, makeceramic saggers, and prepare pieces for firing.Below are examples of Obvara, ceramic sagger, and foil sagger pieces. for info, go to https://www.sanmigueldeallendeceramicworkshops.com/2018-wor…
  11. PQotW: Week 37

    3,2,3,,3 guessing as I have never used some of these terms. Marcia
  12. How do you store your own mixed clay?

    My pugged clay I store in in recycled clay bags in plastic containers on wheeled carts. Clay mixed in soldier mixer goes into heavy garbage bags. the is usually raku clay. stored in a rubber garbage can with lid. I agree with Mark, it does have draw backs when the clay get down to the bottom. Marcia
  13. shipped off work from recent firing. Feeling caught up after 3 weeks of a cold.


    1. glazenerd


      That is how it works. You get caught up just in time to get behind again.

  14. Glazes That Break

    toothpick holders are about the same size.
  15. Glazes That Break

    if you use a pyrometer, you can turn the kiln back on by gently pushing the button on the setter. Do this at your preferred temp. say 1800 or 1900 and watch it for 1/2 an hour or more. then shut it off. To slow the cooling you could add a kiln shelf or 2 at the top of the load. More mass will hold the heat. Marcia

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