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Loop For Hanging Large Platters

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I am looking for a way to add a loop to the bottom of large platters that will stay out of the way of use but be available to hang if the buyer wants to.  These are slab built pieces, so no foot ring to pierce like if it was thrown.  Would a hand built foot ring with a hole in it be strong enough? I have visions of the ring letting go while hanging !!  Would an added loop on the underside that doesn't affect how it sits on a table be enough?

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I would add a foot ring with a hole on each side to distribute the weight. You could also do two paralel bars of clay on the bottom with a hole on each side but a ring might look better.

I have platters that came like this but I end up removing the wire so as not to scratch the table or else leaving it on the wall and not using it ... it's hard to get the wire to stay out of the way.

Hope someone else has a more elegant solution.

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If the lip curves up from the bottom just add (when wet) a few clay attachements and put a hole thru them for a wire.

I'm only guess in on your shape as I you said was slab work.

If the piece is really just flat you will need to add a foot for this with holes or as noted by Chris some parallel bars with holes

I use stainless wire as its more tough and never rusts. I add clay lugs with holes so I can hang my wall fish all the time.


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There is no reason why a properly made hand built ring would not stay on. One of the daily CAD videos last week showed how to attach a solid foot ring ...



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