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QotW:What is your set up for throwing on the wheel?

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As most of you know, I have a Brent CXC wheel. You may also know that I built a trimming box to fit on it when trimming to catch the scraps, and that this box sets upright at the front of the wheel when not in use. I have a metal tray of tools that sets on the box end over the wheel deck, with a bucket on the wheel deck for water. The tray has a sponge in it for needle tools and several compartments for wooden, metal or rubber ribs and other tools. This is pretty much all that I use for wheel set-up until it comes to trimming.

QotW:What is your set up for throwing on the wheel?




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I have a Brent half a horse powered wheel.   I have a small commercial table with wheels  on one side.  It holds a small bucket of water and a bucket of tools. not very big but it is the right height.   On the other side is a plastic shelf unit with grid shelves  I can space  them for the height I am working with.  My wheel came with a MDF square bat system with 2 dozen bats,  I haven't been able to use it the bats keep moving around.   I  just throw on the wheel and cut it off and place it onto the bat and then the shelf,  they get moved to a drying cabinet later.   I keep a 5 gal bucket near by for trimmings and throwing water.  My throwing area may be just a little too comfortable,  I have to remind myself to get up and move around.   Denice

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Skutt Stephen Hill model (circa 2016) on base legs.
This wheel has a heavy cast built-in splash pan. The wheel head is easily removable (never got in the habit of pulling the wheel head to clean...).
I sit on a low-slung wooden chair (with a plastic covered seat pad) pulled up tight against the wheel's front leg.

Within the pan:
   on the left, a one-gallon plastic bucket, a half grout sponge tucked between the bucket and the pan, and a piece of chamois clothespinned to the bucket
   on the right, two half grout sponges stacked in the corner, where I set the pointer tool and metal kidney; next to it, a glazed cylinder with throwing or trimming tools;nearby, two small sponge pieces

Outside the pan:
   on the right, the gas pedal is on the floor; next to it, a plastic pan I toss clay bits into; just behind and to the right of the gas pedal, a plastic crate, on which rests a piece of paper, a ballpoint pen, a glazed bowl for slip collection*, a razor blade, a backup pen, the sound system remote; hanging from the chair's arm rest, a rag towel or two**
   on the left, a small three level shelf thing, where rests the other tool cylinder, an array of occasional use tools (ribs, drill bits, rounding bowl, rounding tumblers, and other stuff); an old adjustable office/desk lamp mounted on a roll around - so handy! !!

Behind the wheel, a window with an adjustable shade. The light is nice! In Summer, the afternoon light and heat is too much...
Overhead, two four foot led fixtures. On the far right, two trouble lights.

I sometimes keep a second water bucket nearby for rinsing hands before toweling them off - then the rag/towel doesn't get filled with dust, and the hands are "clean"er.

*Handy for fixes, handles, knobs, etc. the next day. I scrape some off my hands and plop it in the bowl, then add some water before stepping away...
**There are times when damp/wet hands won't do. These get rotated frequently, for clay dust is baaad!


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